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Discover the women who made their mark on Jewish history, and why we admire them.

In Their Footsteps

In Their Footsteps

Meet famous women from Jewish history


We all have role models, people we look up to and hope to emulate. But what makes someone a good role model? It’s more than talent, looks or clothes, right?

These women have been role models for generations of Jewish women. As you read about them, think about what made them special, and what lessons their lives hold for you as a bat mitzvah, even thousands of years later.

Teaching the Truth
Together with her husband, Abraham, Sarah was instrumental in teaching thousands of people about monotheism—the belief in one G‑d...
Overcoming the Past
While Isaac favored Esau, Rebecca saw that Jacob was righteous while Esau was not...
A Mother's Sacrifice
Rachel chose this place for her tomb so that, in future generations, when the Jews would be driven into exile along this road, her soul would weep before G‑d and plead for them.
The Power of Prayer
By her prayers alone, she was able to change her destiny (and the destiny of the entire Jewish nation).
Faith and Strength in Difficult Times
From that day on, Jochebed worked day and night helping Jewish mothers to deliver and nurture their babies in secret...
A Courageous Little Girl Who Changed History
Miriam foresaw that the Jewish people would be redeemed from Egypt, even before Moses was born...
A Prayer for All Time
Silently she prayed, swaying slightly. Eli, the high priest, saw her and thought she was drunk...
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Jessica Pine Brook August 1, 2016

Esther.. Ruth... and more? Thank you for these wonderful articles! I'd love to see more on Esther, Ruth and others who may not be as popular. Thank you again! Reply

Shulamit Australia June 4, 2013

these articles were very helpful, if it is possible to write more about other famous Jewish women it would be greatly appreciated Reply

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