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Choosing a Bat Mitzvah Gift

Choosing a Bat Mitzvah Gift


It’s time to choose a gift for the bat mitzvah girl in your life. But what to get? Jewelry? Perfume? Keep in mind that a bat mitzvah is not just a glorified birthday bash, but one of the most important spiritual milestone in the young woman’s life. You’ll want to make sure you choose something suitable for such a significant occasion.

Of course, you also want to get something she’ll appreciate. Ask her parents about her interests and hobbies if you’re not sure. The best gifts are both personal and meaningful.

Traditional gifts include Jewish books, such as a siddur, (prayerbook) or chumash (bible). Both of these can be purchased with beautiful leather or silver bindings. Judaica such as candlesticks for Shabbat or a tzedakah box for charity will encourage the bat mitzvah girl in her new role as an observant Jewish woman. You can find these items and more at our online online Judaica store.

Still not sure what to get? Cash gifts or gift certificates have become very common at bat mitzvahs. Many have the custom of gifting in multiples of 18, the numerical value of chai, which means “life.”

Mazal tov, and good luck choosing the perfect gift!

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Lisa Providence, RI April 30, 2013

Choosing a Bat Mitzvah Gift It's NOT as hard as it seems:

1. Send checks or gift cards, NOT cash!

2. Don't buy expensive gifts.

3. Ask her what she loves, and proceed from there. Reply

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