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Is G‑d Picking on Me?

Is G‑d Picking on Me?

Saved by a tow truck driver


Dear Rabbi,

Does G‑d pick on some people? I think He is picking on me, because I have suffered one loss after another for much of my life. It seems that as soon as I have survived one tragedy, another one comes crashing down on me. I always bounce back, but I am starting to take it personally . . .


There was once a tow truck driver who lived near a muddy old country road. Every day he would jump into his truck and drive a mile or so to a particularly sludgy bend in the road, and every day his truck would get stuck in the mud. But it was a trusty old truck, and its chunky tires and growling engine would always be able to beat the mud and climb up onto solid ground.

Most days, as he drove along, he would encounter other motorists who had unknowingly ventured onto the muddy road and gotten stuck in the bog. Some of them had been trapped there for hours, haplessly revving their engines and watching their wheels spin aimlessly in the muck. The truck driver would appear like a savior and offer them a tow, drag them out and set them back on the road.

The truck driver’s son once asked him, “Why do you always drive down this muddy road? You always get stuck in it. Why don’t you take your truck somewhere smoother, where the road is clear and dry?”

“That’s the whole point,” said the trucker to his son. “My tow truck has the power to get through that mud. The only reason I pass by there every day is to find others who are stuck and can’t get out themselves. That’s what a tow truck is for.”

Some souls are like tow trucks. They somehow have the strength to burst through the thickest and muddiest roads of life. No matter what life throws at these people, they muster the inner fortitude to get through. And so they keep getting thrown into the abyss, over and over again.

What these souls probably don’t even realize is that they are helping others. When you face a tough time and beat it, you bring light into that dark place, which can shine a path for others who are stuck in their own darkness. It could even be that the only reason you had to pass through that dark roadway is to help drag other souls out of their darkness.

Sometimes we help others directly, by sharing our experiences and teaching a new way to those who can’t see a way out. Or it may happen indirectly. The mere fact that you went through it and survived blazes a pathway, opens a door, and other suffering souls whom you may never meet suddenly find a way out of their quagmire and are set free.

So perhaps you are a tow truck soul. Perhaps sometimes you are being towed. We all experience both. But if we would realize that every time we conquer our own darkness we may be helping someone who can’t help themselves, we would be inspired to keep on trucking.

Aron Moss is rabbi of the Nefesh Community in Sydney, Australia, and is a frequent contributor to
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Discussion (142)
October 10, 2016
This article uplifts me often and helps me keep on trucking
yes, I believe I'm one of those tow truck souls, that G-d has seen fit to lay it on me thicker than most. this article helps me see it all in a more positive light and gives strength to keep on going thru the tough times.
February 15, 2015
thank you
This brought tears to my eyes! I was moved to do a mitzvah. Thank you so much.
July 7, 2014
Something Terrible or an Opporunity
I'm new and have no idea how to reply to specific people, but this addressing JayGrc. I am very familiar with your line of thinking, I myself ascribed to it until a month ago. My question to you is are not the hardships we face the only way in which we can truly understand who it is that we are, what we're made of so to speak, in which areas we are lacking? It's easy to overlook the beauty of life by focusing on the horrific tragedies that have occurred, just as it is easy to trivialize those tragedies by saying "that they were just meant to be." But what would our world be like if it was "perfect." No pain, suffering, just all the good stuff, just handed out to everyone. Would anyone ever change? Grow? Learn who they truly are? Even be able to appreciate it? We would have never know anything else. To me it is the hardships we face that tell us who we really are, our shortcomings, how we need to better ourselves, and gives us the ability to feel the pain of others. It's what connects us
Sohel L
Los Angeles
June 6, 2014
Tears in my eyes! am praying for Hadassah
This is the best thing I have heard for a long time! Yes, I have tears in my eyes. In a good way, the hope I have longed for came. Don't give up! God is Good! And He uses His people again and again to help someone else in trouble, or when we are sick to regain our health, and to spread the good word!
Some people spend their entire lives looking for someone to help... I'm so glad I know someone like that. God always knows when exactly to send them.
In a recent email I received this very video from a Rabbi I wrote to about the tough times I have been through for most of my life.
He also told me that the Lubavitcher Rabbi said "Tracht gutt vet zein gutt" he said it means "Think good and it will be good".
I just read the rest of the posts and I am praying for Hadassah. God Bless you Hadassah , I know He will help you , I wish you to sleep well at night. Much Love
November 11, 2013
The tow truck man
We must be like tow trucks we might be old but we are a very dependable truck. so dependable that we help other trucks get through the muddy road. We must help others in their own darkness
Cebu, Philippines
October 1, 2013
so in synch, Amazing! Down the "garden path" I can prove this every step of the way
I don't know how this happens. I stashed about one hundred CDs in my outside hut, where I keep the garbage, as these were from my daughter and her husband's collection but I wound up having to take them. I NEVER looked at these till now. So the first CD to land in my hand is Indonesian Popular Music, Smithsonian Fokways. This really astonishes since I wrote a note of encouragement to Andy, a FaceBook friend this AM early, who lives in the Philippines, and so also looked up the location, these islands of the big archipelago. And I see, when I opened this, the recent comment from the Philippines, first thing. Now I know, random took a hike in my life long ago, and wound up taking the signpost road, Non Random.

As to this post about the cards we are dealt, I see a Master Storyteller here, and so we suffer, but the story is not over, because there is, has to be, a profound learning curve bringing us back home, back to, The Garden. To see this: the tiny stars in my garden, on my knees.
ruth housman
marshfield hills, ma
September 27, 2013
No matter what life throws at these people, they muster the inner fortitude to get through. And so they keep getting thrown into the abyss, over and over again.
What do you mean by getting down the abyss? Does it mean their getting down to gehenom, hell.
July 17, 2013
Hadassah, please tell us your mother's name so that we can pray for you.
shmuel shimmon
June 14, 2013
My lessons from JOB This story is about L O V E and it has to be, Cosmic
It feels to me that JOB is a very troubling story. And maybe it's our "JOB" to figure out the meaning of suffering. I cannot believe this has anything to do with being deserted by G_d. In fact, it feels to me, that one way or the other, we all fall down.Suffering, human misery, illness, loss, environmental pollution, cruelty to the environment, ongoing abuses both personal and global, including Nature of which we are part is endemic. So are we all, at the hands of an all Merciful G_d or an Unmerciful G_d, who spares no one, and spears us all, into despair itself? I must believe A. It's not over when, it's over and B. We're all in the same boat and C. We need to hold hands around the world, to become merciful towards each other, to learn a deep soul thing about acts of support, caring, love. And then I go to The Wall for sure, to Jerusalem, and ask, Please, maybe, you will cosider, changing this story, and moving us forward towards kind, towards mankind, towards YOUR Promise.
ruth housman
marshfield hills, ma
June 10, 2013
trials in life
It seems like lately that G-d forgot about me.I pray help others and love Hashem so much. But still Hashem seems far away lately.The most distressing thought in my life is what if Hashem rejected me for some reason ? I can not bear that. I am constantly getting sick .I bounce back from one illness to the next. I feel so alone.I am having sleepless nights and that is draining all my energy.But I said " Hashem, I will never forget to praise You". I felt in my heart at 4 am, to come to this web site and when I read Gigi from Bulgaria's comments, it helps me to know that Hashem is holding my hand and He will never let me down. Whoever reads this please pray that I can sleep well at night.I do believe that Hashem answers our prayers when we pray for others. I do have shalom in my heart after reading Gigi's comments.