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Is There Proof of the Existence of a Soul?

Is There Proof of the Existence of a Soul?


Dear Rabbi,

Ever since the death of my brother seven years ago, I have been grappling with the concept of the soul. I wish I could believe in it. I am the type that needs rational arguments to convince me, and it seems the soul is too abstract for my mind. I know these things can't be scientifically proven, but do I have to resort to blind faith to believe in the soul?


The pain of losing a loved one is so deep because it is so final. You can never replace a person whom you have lost.

But what if you could?

Imagine it were possible to clone your late brother. A genetically identical replica could be created who talks, thinks, looks and smells precisely the same as the person you grew up with. Furthermore, what if scientists developed a way to preserve and replicate memory? They could take your late brother's memories and insert them into his clone. You could sit with your newly recreated brother and reminisce about childhood experiences and laugh at the good old days, sharing a bond that only brothers can.

Would you opt for this? Would you be satisfied with an exact copy of your brother? Would his death be reversed when you met his clone? Would it end your pain?

I can't imagine the answer could be yes. I can't imagine anyone would truly believe that a clone could replace a brother or sister, son or daughter, parent or spouse or best friend.

But why not? Why would a refurbished model be any different from the original?

Because something is missing. This is not your brother. He may have your brother's voice and your brother's expressions, your brother's manner and mind and memory, but he doesn't have your brother's soul. It just isn't him.

That's what soul is. It is what makes you, you. It is the fragment of G‑d that makes each one of us unique. Above your body, beyond your personality, transcending genetics and even deeper than memory is the core of your being, the ineffable essence that is you. We call this your soul. It is soul that makes each person irreplaceable. And it is your brother's soul that you miss.

You don't need scientific proof of the soul, neither do you need blind faith. You know it to exist just as you know your own existence. You can choose to ignore it, or to remember it constantly. Sometimes you can even feel it. And at those moments when you feel your soul, you will feel your brother's soul too.

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Aron Moss is rabbi of the Nefesh Community in Sydney, Australia, and is a frequent contributor to
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Discussion (92)
July 17, 2016
Cloning, Memory, and Soul
This is my second comment on the subject. Assume that cloning is feasible. Therefore medical people will be able to clone myself while I am still living. Thus my clone cannot have my soul, because my soul is with me. Soul cannot be duplicated. The clone will have a different soul.

Memory is not in the brain, memory is in the nature. Our soul retrieves the memory from nature and instructs the brain accordingly. A jatiswar, who is a baby of age two, but remembers his past life details, cannot have such information in his brain. A jatiswar baby is born with bullet wound marks, on chest and back, and also has entire bullet path inside his body. Doctors have performed the operation to save the child, and found that bullet path. This shows that the soul has constructed the baby exactly the way his body was at the time of his death, in his past life. See the details at theoryofsouls dot wordpress dot com.

The clone cannot be like me. I have a different destiny; the clone will have a destiny different from my destiny. Every soul is unique in terms of his destiny and past life reincarnations. No two souls can have the same destiny.
July 16, 2016
Not Satisfied
What exists in morphologically and genetically similar organism which enabled it to talk, think, look and smell precisely the same as described?
Pawan India
May 3, 2016
It just isn't him. That's what soul is.
I would not be happy with exact replica of my very 1st Guitar either. It does not mean that my very 1st Guitar which was broken had a Soul.
February 28, 2016
Proof of Soul
"You don't need scientific proof of the soul, neither do you need blind faith." What did Galileo do? Was his method scientific? He only observed the nature and found earth is moving. You also observe the nature and you will find the proof of existence of soul.

Note that observing nature is very difficult and takes a life time effort. It was so for Galileo. But most modern scientists do not observe the nature. They do some math and declare them as laws of nature. Can you imagine a robot doing some experiments and telling this is how humans are? No, that will not work. To understand humans robots must observe humans. Same is true for humans also. We must observe nature to find soul.

There are three independent ways you can observe nature - (1) Examples of high level yogis and yogic powers (2) Examples of reincarnations and (3) Examples of destiny and predictions of destiny.
Los Angeles
February 26, 2016
This does not prove the fact that a soul present. Given a situation that one did not know that the clone was a replica of the brother one would still find it normal. To my perspective the soul is just based on belief.
Cindy Wangari
November 12, 2015
Is this true that when someone dies we are not able to see his/ her shadow
Harshit Singhal
May 13, 2015
Does it actually matter? There is a constant cycle where people need rationale proof of what is and what is not. There is somewhat a 'requirement' that everyone should 'abide' to some "fact" that can be proven... so what if I believed in souls and you do not? Would having the same conclusion of souls help in my pursuit of what I choose to achieve in my life and would that help in yours? So I will choose to believe in what I believe helps me, as long as it stems out of love.
May 10, 2015
I disagree with this answer there is nothing you told about soul,it is a psychological treatment for a person who keeps another person to n his mind who was his close,I mean here you didn't tell anything about what is soul? Does soul exist,? If soul exist and if it is immortal as we say then how it can die?
Pramod Abraham
November 14, 2014
To mike
I would love to hear about your experience. Please do tell details. I am a believe of God souls and eternal life. I would to to hear what u saw and went through
September 1, 2014
Here is why I disagree with you. The concious knows the diffrence between good and evil. The soul lives on after death and it now has a super concious feeling good and evil in a inhanced state of being. If you do not believe in the soul then this does not matter to you but I can tell you this ,I am fifty seven year old male who had a death experience. In Sept of 2007 I suffered a massive heart attack died and had to be ressusatated. I could go on for days about the topic but do your own research . Your eternity depends on it. Eternity is a long time !!!!!