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Inclusion and People With Disabilities

Inclusion and People With Disabilities

With content from the Ruderman-Chabad Inclusion Initiative


Inclusion is more than a ramp to a building. It’s more than large-print materials and sign-language interpreters. Inclusion starts with our attitudes toward what it means to belong. When we encounter a person who lives with a disability, do we see the person or his or her disability? The Rebbe, Menachem M. Schneerson of righteous memory, taught us to embrace and value each and every Jew, based solely on an individual’s inner essence.

We present you with essays and articles on practical actions and strategies to foster a more welcoming and supportive environment so that Jews with disabilities can access all that the Jewish community has to offer, just like anyone else. Articles written by people with disabilities, family and community members, as well as the Rebbe’s perspective on inclusion, and how-to guides on a number of topics developed by the Ruderman Chabad Inclusion Initiative (RCII), provide the tools to successfully including people with disabilities.