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What Does the Name Abigail Mean?

What Does the Name Abigail Mean?


The Jewish name Abigail (many pronounce the name A-vi-ga-yil, and in Hebrew it is אביגיל) is comprised of the two Hebrew words “avi” and “gil, which translate respectively as “father” and “happiness.” Together, it translates as “father of happiness.”

Abigail is a Biblical name. She was one of King David’s wives and was considered a righteous woman. The verse says about her (Samuel I 25:3), “The woman was of good sense and of beautiful form” (for more see David in Exile).

There are many other forms of this name: Avigal, Avigali, Ogla, Igla, Ogle, Igle, Oglin, Ogush and Ogushe.

Chana Raizel Zaklikowski is the proud parent of three: Motti, Meir & Shaina.
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marc November 9, 2011

avi avi does not have to translate my father, in Hebrew it could be father of or just father. Reply

Anonymous Blacksburg, VA November 4, 2011

Huh? Avi means "my father" I right? So why doesn't the name mean "my father's happiness"...which would make more sense that her parents would name her that. Reply

Jo Ft Lauderdale, Florida November 3, 2011

It cannot be spelled with El at the end, as in Hebrew El is spelled aleph lamed אל
,and Abigail is spelled at the end yud lamed יל. Reply

Wilson Shelke Mumbai , India November 3, 2011

What Does the Name Abigail Mean? Sir, Can't this word be spelt as Abigael.
With El at the end , like most other prophets. Reply

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