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Ten years later, we look back at the 9/11 terror attacks and ask what we have learned as Jews, as Americans and as people.

The Covenant

The Covenant

A Jewish Reflection on 9/11


The Covenant: A Jewish Reflection on 9/11

Ten years later, we look back at the 9/11 terror attacks and ask what we have learned as Jews, as Americans and as people.
September 11
Rabbi Tzvi Freeman, a senior editor at, also heads our Ask The Rabbi team. He is the author of Bringing Heaven Down to Earth. To subscribe to regular updates of Rabbi Freeman's writing, visit Freeman Files subscription. FaceBook @RabbiTzviFreeman Periscope @Tzvi_Freeman .
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Frannie Sheridan via September 12, 2014

Truth Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Thank you for posting and Shabbat Shalom,
XOF Reply

Melissa Bozeman, MT September 11, 2012

Thank You Thank you, Rabbi, for creating this. It seems 11 years later that we have forgotten how unifying this terrifying moment was, and while we looked to G-d in the moments following this attack, it seems that the terror has faded away, and with it went America's clinging to G-d.

May we never forget this moment, this day. May we always turn to G-d, cling to Him and His Torah.

G-d Bless America. Reply

Anonymous Millarville, AB, Canada February 15, 2012

WARNINGS! I've just read a book called 'The Harbinger' by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and he likens what happened in Israel to what's happening in America today. G-d gave them 9 harbingers or warnings of impending judgment upon them if they wouldn't repent for turning from Him and His commandments. This is what has happened in the US and unless there is a genuine repentance and turning back to G-d and His commandments, we will suffer the same fate as apostate Israel did. This book is a MUST read for anyone wanting to know the truth of 9/11 and what God was saying to America. Reply

victor fatherheart consoler 234, Nigeria January 3, 2012

Appreciation Dear Rabbi Tzvi freeman,
Thanks inspiring people with this. Reply

Anonymous hates the ones, who hate g-d January 2, 2012

i cannot beilve people wrote this comments about g-d.
who kept you alive today? what are you doing in this world?
who kept you healthy? Reply

sarah g. 123, 456 January 2, 2012

dear ananymose from new york, NY. you wrote a comment :'wheres g-d where al these people die". g-d id the one that made these people die. what do we know? were nothing next to the beuty and grace of g-d, and next to all he does. he had his reasons.
what do we know?
your comment was very strong, because i do not feel it's fair to say about g-d such a thing.
think. who created you? if you have kids, then who created your kids? who made these children so special, beutyful and inocent? do you have a wife?
who gave her to you?
who's the one that let you have her?
your alive? who made you alive? who made you rich? and if your poor, you cannot say why.
'cause g-d knows what he does, even if WE don't understand it.
we dont need to.
were nothing next to g-d.
be in touch (by answering my comment!)
sarah g. Reply

Graham-Michoel Wellington, New Zealand January 2, 2012

Searching for TRUTH Solomon ben Yakov Goldman is so correct! Like every story/picture there are always two sides and while what he says is so correct, there is also the impressive beauty that comes form suffering - and the goodness that comes out of that suffering and pain. The goodness is beauty beyond words.
Yes, why does Bush and his cronies continue to go unchecked. Their crimes are among the worst in modern world history. G-d forgive them, but they should be paying the price for their crimes.
G-M Reply

Jonella Pond Eddy, NY January 1, 2012

The Covenant on 9/11 WONDERFUL! so beautiful! I'm impressed! Absolutely terrific - I will send it on to my friends.
Thank you!!! Reply


Searching for the TRUTH This VIDEO reminds me of the propaganda that was perpetrated upon the world,, particularly the >USA back in THAT time. From videos, to eye-witnesses, to explosives and demolition experts, to scientists in various fields.........many say there is compelling evidence that 9/11 was NOT perpetrated in the manner presented by the US GOV. If you're trying to promote spirituality, then the 1st thing one should do is investigate the TRUTH of these very disturbing events, including the MASS KILLINGS of innocent men, women and children in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN. We should NOT merely accept any authority regarding these kinds of events, as it was a PSYCHOLOGIAL OP intended to inflame citizens of the USA/allies, to go to WAR (for oil and opium poppies in Iraq and Afghanistan, respectively). G-d gave us a mind to help determine truth from falsehood. As a JEW, I'm very very disturbed about whats been going on in the USA, but especially why BUSH and administration were not indicted for WAR CRIMES. Reply

chana bracha western, massachusets October 3, 2011

I have only 1 word to say- WOW!! emotional. amazing. I loved it, I was with tears in my eyes. I alwayse wanted to know about 9/11. I felt it was a tragedy I would like to know about, and from this I learned so much.
thank-you... Reply

Boruch N. Hoffinger Brooklyn, NY October 2, 2011

The Covenant... Majestic and beautiful.
I believe they were motivated by jealousy. 'Pirke Avos' discusses this. Reply

Anonymous Ottawa September 16, 2011

Look Deeper I think you have to understand what the video is teaching,
There is no question as to the number of g-ds,
There is One.
The question is, that when a g-d is created by the mind of man it is not the true One, for there is only one truth, and look what such falsehood can bring.
Learn Torah authentically, (orthodoxly) all other religions stem from it and were created by the minds of man.
Look at the history of those religions see what their falsehoods have caused and then return to the truth.
For a deeper undrestanding of the above get yourself a chassidic teacher of Chabad Chassidus... Reply

m pa September 15, 2011

Re: Annonymous, Islamabad " a decade later America is turning Iraq into ashes on the bases of false created report and Afghanistan, where thousands of innocent people lost ther lives for our terrorist search campaign."

With this being the case, I would think it is in Afghanistan's best interest to start weeding out these terrorists for themselves. Nobody seems to know the exact reason "why" America went into Iraq, but I understand that Iran is there too. It's a tangled web to say the least. Reply

Mordechai NYC, NY September 14, 2011

certain inaliable rights those rights were taken away in 2006-8 under the guise of protecting us from a terror threat. Naomi Wolfe's book "The End of America" deals with this problem and is well researched and has a full bibliography. If we don't have certain questions after 9/11 we are fools. Reply

Anonymous Tampa, FL September 13, 2011

The Convenant Video Whoever from wherever with whatever faith can say G-d is One, would not commit acts of terrorism.... To harm and injure in the name of G-d--or even insult others, is using the name in vain... to rationalize own wrongdoing. Can't we just all stop bickering and fighting under the name of G-d and religion? When will be start healing each other? How do we know who and who does not have a covenant with G-d? G-d is One. G-d alone will have the last word, I believe... Reply

Anonymous Mobile, AL September 12, 2011

The terrorist god is their god who flew in the airplane. That god is satan is what it means. If you are grafted in with the Jews then we are too a part of the Covenant.

I am Shocked you did not understand.

This was a beautiful video...

I would suggest you study the Bible so you know the differences between evil and good. Reply

sefsyb Brooklyn, New York September 11, 2011

I really enjoyed this video and decided to replay it, sadly i realized that the ending was totally tasteless and in fact a slap in the face to Judiasm, to say the least. There is only one G-d, therefore, those who were responisble for this savage tragedy, will be punished by the almighty, the lord and sustainer of all that we see and don't see, not by their god!! there's only 1 God, who is the commander of our fate and we will be judged upon our faith!! Reply

Rickel Princeton, NJ via September 11, 2011

I don't understand this. "They died for a G-d of destruction and death. Is there such a G-d?"
These are mentally ill and extremist people. I don't think a G-d of destruction is quite written in the Koran, if that is the interpretation? Reply

Anonymous Islamabad September 11, 2011

truth of Jacob I agree 100% with a decade later America is turning Iraq into ashes on the bases of false created report and Afghanistan, where thousands of innocent people lost ther lives for our terrorist search campaign. Muslims are also follower of one G-d, the same one G-d which is of jews.... Reply

Sarah Punta Gorda September 11, 2011

9/11 Wow! How true. I love this video Thanks so much for posting! As a gentile and a Christian I very much appreciate the Jewish perspective on things. G-d bless! Reply

Years later, we look back at the 9/11 terror attacks and ask what we have learned as Jews, as Americans and as people.
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