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Are the Jews the Chosen People?

Are the Jews the Chosen People?



I have long been uncomfortable with the concept of the "Chosen People". To suggest that as Jews we are somehow closer to G‑d than all other nations smacks of arrogance, elitism, and racial prejudice. How is that any different to anti-Semitism?



Dear Margaret,

That is a fantastic question — a question that could only come from someone who is chosen. Allow me to explain.

In the Jewish understanding, chosenness leads not to arrogance, but rather to humility. If it were some human king that chose us to be his special people, then your assumption would be correct — we would become elitists. When a mortal power shows favoritism towards a subject, that subject will become more arrogant as a result — the closer you are to the king, the more significant you are, and the more significant you are the higher respect you feel you deserve.

But we were chosen by G‑d. And the closer you are to G‑d, the more you sense your insignificance. While being buddy-buddy with a human leader inflates your ego, a relationship with G‑d bursts your selfish bubble. Because G‑d is an infinite being, and all delusions of petty self-importance fall away when you stand before infinity. Being close with G‑d demands introspection and self-improvement, not smugness.

This is the idea of the Chosen People — a nation of individuals who have been given the opportunity to sense G‑d's closeness, hear His truth and relay his message to the world. All agree that it was the Jews that introduced the world to monotheism and a system of ethics and morals that has shaped the modern view of life and its purpose. And it is the survival of Judaism to this day that attests to the eternal value of this system.

To say that this is ethnocentric is absurd for one simple reason: anyone from any ethnic background can convert to Judaism and become chosen. Jewish chosenness is not a gene, it is a state of the soul. Anyone wishing to take it upon themselves is welcome — as long as they are ready to have their bubble burst.

So the arrogant person is not acting chosen. The true test of chosenness is how humble you are. You, Margaret, have passed this test with flying colors. Your humility is so deep, it doesn't allow you to accept that you are chosen. While most other religious groups are quite comfortable claiming that they are the best, we Jews will do anything to say that we are nothing special. Now that's what I call a Chosen People!

Aron Moss is rabbi of the Nefesh Community in Sydney, Australia, and is a frequent contributor to
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Anonymous July 24, 2017

This would be wonderful and ideal but unfortunately what we see in our world is those who follow the torah stringently (basically all orthodox apart from a large group amount of chabanics and very few other chassidic groups)1)see themselves as superior 2) don't mix with others outside of their groups. Which I kindof weird if our purpose is to show this way of living to the rest of the world and they are supposedly following the torah "the best" ? I wonder if any of us are doing this judiasm thing right Reply

Lala July 8, 2017

Don't see any atheists here. I'm one. My morals and ethics also don't include killing and stealing, haha. I was taught my by atheist parents about humility and importance of working hard to be a better person. I don't care about colors and gods as long as a person is a decent one. Oh, and earth is 4 bln years old;) Reply

Yi Jiun July 6, 2017

"All agree that it was the Jews that introduced the world to monotheism and a system of ethics and morals that has shaped the modern view of life and its purpose."

How could you claim that all agree when I do not? To me, your statement does seem smack of arrogance, and even ignorance. :)

Why can't I be close to God without being a Jew?

"And it is the survival of Judaism to this day that attests to the eternal value of this system."

Would you kindly enlighten me on your definition of eternity? Reply

Raana London March 30, 2017

Chosen people How did the Jewish people come to be chosen? Did G-d just decide they were the chosen people or was the choice theirs? Reply

JDV Paramus February 8, 2017

Chosen As I have said elsewhere, converts are not being chosen by the Jewish people as they should be. I find this very troubling. Just Look at the post "Funny, you don't look Jewish" from Chabad, and you will see what i mean. How can we talk about welcoming the stranger when we are not even doing it within our own circles? Otherwise, I find your article in line with my own way of thinking. Reply

Simcha Bart for August 14, 2016

Deuteronomy 28 You can see from the context that it is referring to the Jewish People. The entire Book of Deuteronomy is Moses addressing the Children of Israel before his passing and their entering the Land of Israel. In chapter 28 Moses is warning the Jewish People what will happen when they will not follow G-d's commandments. One of the things that will occur is that the Jewish nation will be conquered and sold into slavery. And finally in the last verse he says: "These are the words of the covenant, which the Lord commanded Moses to make with the children of Israel in the land of Moab, besides the covenant which he made with them in Horeb." Horeb being Mt. Sinai where G-d first made a covenant with the Jewish People.


Sonia LA August 12, 2016

Are Black people the ones that Dueteronomy 28 talks about Reply

Joseph H June 29, 2016

Goodbye from Joseph H Post vetting has me saying goodbye.

Read your foundation works, and listen to "the one like unto {Moses}, and you will find life. Reply

rajiv rajan Pune June 25, 2016

Shalom! Firstly, i apologize if i hurt any Christian sentiment in my previous post. Sorry!!!
Apparently the Torah (not sure what it would have been called if given to another people), was offered by G d to other nations first but they didn't want it or its responsibility. The jewish folk with Moses did. They took it upon themselves and became the guardians and torchbearers to show its Light to the nations. Some 3000-4000 years on and today they have admirably done so and doing...
The Laws of Moses can never be changed, added, or subtracted from. And HaShem established that He would never send or command a prophet to alter any one of Torah's commandments. (The Divine Code pg 34).
Today, what with the net worldwide, i am absolutely in awe of the work of the rabbis and Sages from then to now. Phew! Mindblowing! Today, when i find myself in a discussion in my circle about Jews being the 'Chosen people', i know they are.. Stood the test of time, and how!
They always come back! Blessings! Reply

Donovan Tustin, CA June 22, 2016

Being a Jew in the military, I was told by the Chaplain (Christian) that being G-d 's chosen people meant the Jews were chosen by G-d to spread the message that G-d is but one G-d, and G-d is one. Something to that effect, so reading this makes me rethink things a little bit. What is the real story? Reply

melanie UK, Wales. June 2, 2016

I am not a Jew; I am a gentile and a Christian. However, I believe and always have that the Jews are God`s chosen as the bible teaches. Israel is really the only nation set up and selected by God himself and the bible came through them. They were the first nation to know God and to be given his laws, For this reason I respect the Jewish people. I was raised to respect Jews and to acknowledge that they are God`s chosen. Sadly many do not, and show hostility to the idea of them being a chosen people. This is jealousy. I do not understand how anyone, particularly a Jew, could be offended by The Jews being god`s chosen. Obviously it does not make them better than others, but it does give them a connection to God that no other people have had. The Jews have a great deal of history with God that no other race on earth has had. They truly are a blessed nation. Reply

Joseph H March 6, 2016

True Jew vs False Jew The promise to Abraham was to be a Father of many nations.

Ishmael also was foretold to be the father of twelve nations.

The purpose of G_D was set in place before all these things.

The offering of Isaac by Abram was only a step along the way. Reply

rajiv rajan pune June 3, 2015

thanks Thanks John. Yes, out here in India you have an idol at every corner of the street. I found a lot of identification with your post. Infact all. I reckon there must be just a handful of tribes around the world with no idol or form or shape for G d. Only G d knows what's up with christendom. The first law itself; its there for all to see. Thanks again Chabad! Reply

John C Fernandez Orlando May 23, 2015

Jews "chosen" for what The concept of being G-D's"chosen People" has provoked may in the wrong direction thinking that Jews are chosen to live a life privilege. That is a mistake. The reason G-D chose Jews, He chose them to tell the world about the One and true G-D. From the time we read of Adam knowing G-D, by the time we get to Noah, Noah was the only man on the face of the earth who worship Elohim. G-d started over. From Noah to the time of Abraham, No one knew or worshiped The Most High. Abraham's father was an idol maker, so G-D "chose" Abraham, established a relationship with him, which would go on to change the world. However Jacob a couple generations moved his family to Egypt where Jews before the time of slavery began to embrace Egypt's gods. Even after they were free they forged a gold calf to worship. Its safe to say G-d decided to train a group of people in a way so that never again would the world not know the The Most High, creator of all. The group He chose" Jews. Incidentally the Jews that came out of Egypt were so inclined and tainted with Egyptian idol worship, that except one ( Caleb) none were allowed to enter the promised land. Again Jews were "chosen" to tell the world for all generations about the true and living G-D, to tell about His laws, His ways, His blessings, and above all, abut His love for all people regardless of being Jewish or not. Reply

Meira Shana San Diego May 6, 2015

Arrogant? Anonymous, (Dallas TX), would I be arrogant if I asked you "why is it that so many Christians come across as arrogant"? Reply

Anonymous Dallas, TX. U.S.A. May 4, 2015

Then why is it that Jews so often come across as arrogant? Reply

Meira Shana San Diego March 17, 2015

The bible says ... Seems to me that G-d Said ... and, if one believes the bible (Hebrew, Tanakh, Jewish) then make note that He said 'chosen' - the people did not.

I have never been taught that Jews are better because they are The Chosen.

It's easy to remember: G-d chose all -- few chose to listen. Those who listened became known as Jews.

Do we all listen? Not necessarily.

But Jews do not pray to idols, or to a person. We pray directly to G-d, as He commanded us to do. That, in and of itself, means that we do not accept Jesus as our god or savior. ONLY G-d has that distinction in Judaism.

For Jews to listen to G-d per His instructions means we have been forever attacked and murdered by those to chose to go in a different direction and who call the original words 'Old' ... Reply

Marnie England March 15, 2015

I am a practising Roman Catholic and I strongly believe the Jews are the chosen people and I love and respect them. They are my people and I will always defend them! Without Judaism there would be no Christianity. I like to believe that we are the 'adopted sons of Israel.' In my working life I have worked for two Jewish companies and both of them treated me as one of their own family. and were most generous to me. Reply

Rajiv Rajan Pune India February 23, 2015

You Win Looks okay... at the very least, doesn't look like any Noahide codes broken here..:-) but like the sharing from Devorah, chosen or not, the jewish folk are the torch-bearers of the Torah or Instructions which is good for all mankind. and it was given to them to follow and carry forward and share. The fruits of which we see today. Thank you.G d will prove to be with you. Hang in there...just a lil' while longer. Shalom. The light will shine from Jerusalem across the world. May it be sooner! Reply

Mary Schulmeyer Abingdon February 19, 2015

you win For those I have offended, accept my deepest apologies. Please, refrain from being brutal toward me. Reply

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