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Inspired Animal

Inspired Animal


Who are you talking to inside yourself? Who are you trying to inspire?

The divine soul needs no enlightenment. The place from which it comes is a place of light.

You need to reach the beast within you. You need to bring that divine light into a language it understands.

By Tzvi Freeman
From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. Subscribe and get your dose daily. Or order Rabbi Freeman’s book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.
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David Chicago December 3, 2017

And what is this Divine Language is it that it understands this animal inside us ? Reply

Renee December 23, 2014

Brought the biggest smile of light and understanding. Loved your clarification links at the bottom. I don't mean to be irreverent, but I can totally see a book series by you entitled, "Potato Chips For The Soul." Reply

Anonymous California December 22, 2014

Inspired Animal I believe it's time to stop being so esoteric and start being more practical, giving us some definite steps that will accomplish the task of taming the beast within so we refraim from criticism, don't hurt others, read the messages within our relationships, and inculcate the teachings of the Rebbe so that they become second nature. This will take a plan of action. The Jewish people need help. Many of us are beyond the point of needing inspiration with words like "Light another candle." We need concrete or practical spirituality. It takes a kind of cohesiveness and unity of spirit that becomes a global movement. The challenges are far greater now than they were. Time to step it up and make things understable as to what we need to do to reach the beast within. Energy must be focused upon a single goal. where we can unite as a people.and work on ourselves. Reply

Anonymous December 3, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

We need both. These types of words touch some, and more practical instructions and suggestions will help others. I think Chabad offers both. Not that we couldn’t use more of the practical steps. I know I could. Reply

Ed Israel Akron, Ohio December 4, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

If we share and serve, that is a good beginning.The Beast does not share, nor does he serve! Reply

Brenda Toronto, Canada December 22, 2014

Transformed Beast Use the 'beast' in you for the good of others - then it becomes divine! Reply

Daniela December 22, 2014

This daily dose is addicting. Thank you for your work !!!
This is so inspiring and helpfull and it "makes my day".

Moshiach now
chanukka sameach Reply

Ed Israel Akron, Ohio December 22, 2014

The beast within. This is very insightful. Most of us do not recognize the beast within us. This is why there is so much strife in the world. How can the Divine soul even effect change if it is dormant and the beast is running our lives? Everything we see in this world is influenced by this base nature. Those who have mastered the beast within are few and far between. So we fill football stadiums and basketball arenas and synagogues are half empty. Reply

valerie akron, oh March 18, 2012

inspired animal guess i would feel that our divine soul is just that - divine. our animal within is another story. what a challenge -- to connect the animal within with the divine!!!! at least, it's a big challenge for me!! BUT....always working on it! Reply

Anonymous Haugesund, Norway March 18, 2012

Inspired Animal Very unusual way of thought, and I have no good and obvious explanation or understanding of it. But to-day my heart is crying because Scott(y), my little beloved dog is such a stupid and egoistiq little being, He will not let me put the prescribed drops of medicine in his inflammated (?) ear and I get sad and angry because he wont understand my wish to help him. Then I am disappointed in my own impatience. I should perhaps to become more of an "inspired animal"? Strange way of putting it, but it may be something I am missing? Reply

Ransom Place Ct December 3, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

Try talking to Scott with love before and during the application of meds in his ear. Talk to him as you would a baby. If that doesn't work, tell us how Scott reacts to your attempts so we can provide more ideas. Reply

Patricia Birch Run, MI USA March 18, 2012

Inspired Animal Can you elaborate on this? It's not quite reaching me where I live. Reply

Yael New york, new york March 18, 2012

daily dose Inspiration already dwells within us but our carnal (animal) side is not built with this in a divine way, so we ask G-D to give us the worldly tools to help us dominate this. Once we learn what being inspired really means ,our animal side has no power and so our heavenly soul becomes master over our animal side...We then learn how to be inspired and what true inspiration really means....inspired by Torah... Reply

Tzvi Freeman Thornhill, Ontario May 17, 2009

Some clarification Chassidus Chabad speaks about two drives inside us. Really, there are many--but it is useful to think of them as two: A G-dly drive to transcend the bounds of ego and being, and an animalistic drive to eat potato chips.

Whereas most spiritual systems speak to the more sublime faculties of a person, Chassidus Chabad is focused principally on getting that animal to understand that there are things greater in life than Frito Lays.

See: Me and My Body: a Dialogue and Sin (not the perfume). Reply

sofi glencoe , Illinois May 16, 2009

I'm little puzzled... I wish you could explain more... Reply

traci boca raton, fl May 15, 2009

Is it not the Divine soul that needs to be awakened / uncovered? If so then the thoughts would be perhaps reaching both souls?

When G-d says choose Life does he not speak to both souls one perhaps to sculpt and one to emerge?

Feedback appreciated Reply

Carmen May 14, 2009

Our thoughts Don't our thoughts have to have a good conversation with the Divine soul in order to inspire the animal one?
I wish my thoughts reach full time the Divine soul in order to get wisdom to inspire my animal soul and I pray for my thoughts and actions to inspire the animal souls of those within my social and familiar realm,when I seem to be required for such, even if it not happens always in a smooth and beautiful way but in a powerful and sad one, at least for a period of time.But who knows if we are always right even thinking that we are being driven by that Divine soul?Only time gives the answer, I guess...And sometimes something very precious dies on the way and that's sad... Reply

Anonymous london, uk May 14, 2009

inspired animal I wrestled with that part we call animal within last night
As thoughts connected to that which distracted my soul -
Diisconnecting myself from the dimension connecting my soul to Hashem -
I attempted to hide, ashamed.
Hide for whom ?Myself
and Who from - ? Hashem ?Myself?

The universe of understanding and sharing at those moments of forgetfullness when negative desire connects to the other side.

The negative ego babbles incoherently as the higher awareness is shrouded as
I surrender threads of light for moments
sshrouded in the shadow of lower elements.
These fights within become the nightly struggle when I am in forgetfullness.
Shma and meditation are essential as I regain my balance.

Thank you for your perfect advice and timing.

You can only snooze once awakened.
I had little sleep as I continued to wrestle as I disconected further
The struggle is all the worse when you know that you atre disconnecting Reply

Anonymous December 3, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

Sometimes I wonder how many generations back I bear punishment from. Still we need inner strength when confronted with being thankful, and saying okay can I have another. I don't mean to sound sarcastic. It's really just getting to know an incarnate, maybe my animal soul communicating with my spiritual soul, all the while finding a peace within trying to be humble and kind. Yet, the memories of past experiences remind me I am not alone, but known at least by my guardian still in good terms I commit and trust to remain. Reply