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A Woman’s Way

A Woman’s Way


A woman’s influence is very different from a man’s. A man needs to conquer, to vanquish an opponent. Therefore, his victory is often superficial—he may get the other guy to nod his head, but not his heart.

A woman is able to reach inside a man, so he may not even recognize her influence. He feels as though this was his idea all along.

From where does this talent come? Paradoxically, from the woman’s union with a man. So too, from the man’s union with a woman, he too can learn to fix the world through nurture.

By Tzvi Freeman
From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. Subscribe and get your dose daily. Or order Rabbi Freeman’s book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.
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mirel israel January 25, 2016

why is it that through a woman's union with a man she develops the talent to nurture Reply

Jorge Qro. Mexico January 25, 2016

Something weird Something weird happens -in their minds- when a man and a woman decide to walk together through life. Something beyond physicality or influence. Maybe a better explanation can be found through Kabbalah, but I have not had the time to do it. Reply

Monty Pogoda Israel January 25, 2016

So true!!!! Reply

Donald Jané Covington, La November 20, 2013

Thank HaShem for Woman We can become too wrapped up in our power to conquer our space. Woman grounds us that we may escape from the drive of our own nature so it may not consume us. Reply

Ms. Gigi Garroutte Ama, Tx May 29, 2011

touching the ego... A woman is able to touch the sensitive ego of the male, almost in a subliminal way....
thank you Ruach haKodesh. Reply

Anonymous Forest Hills, NY/USA May 29, 2011

A Woman's Way As a woman many times I can not understand the man's point of view at all. But definitely the necessity for us to coexist speaks for itself. We may have rivalry, feud, or contrary, but only in harmony we bless the earth to this very day. Reply

Carmen May 29, 2011

RE: Women's influence Not only women's influence can be negative-men's also can.

The problem is that the "modus operandi"of the Serpent is the same modus operandi of the women,but that does not mean the ( G-d forbid)Women and Serpent are the same. Reply

Michal germany May 29, 2011

A womans way... You are absolutely right.
In factyou are not talking about "a womans way, but the way of a couple. I know by experience in a very happy 38 year long married life.
My husband had the "soft soul" of a Jew, while I was harder, I came from Germany. I always reached what I wanted to. Together we learned from one another. And each one of us changed a little. It was a blessing for us. Now I am Jewish and an Israelit too. And Israelis have both. The softness and the strength they need. Reply

patty maimon Israel December 14, 2008

woman influence well said and true. they say behind every great man stands a women Reply

Nancy Anchorage, AK December 11, 2008

woman... very interestin, Rabbi, but I do not understand...what do you mean when you say the man's power to conquer his space comes from his union with woman? In what way? Reply

Brian Biederman Raleigh, NC December 10, 2008

Women's influence That influence can be negative also and man must recognize it as so Reply

Tzvi Goldmann Oviedo, FL December 10, 2008

Transcendence The Zohar captures what was explained by Tzvi Freeman in his narrative on individual influence based on whether from a woman or a man. Reply