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Only You

Only You


All this universe was made only for your journey. And all this universe was made only for the other guy’s journey. And for mine as well.

In our mind it is impossible. We are finite. When we put our minds to one idea, there is no room for any other. If one point is at the center, there is no center left for any other.

But G‑d is infinite. He can have as many points of focus as He wishes without diminishing the centrality of any of them in the slightest.

Each one of us is absolutely the most important thing in the universe.

By Tzvi Freeman
From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. Subscribe and get your dose daily. Or order Rabbi Freeman’s book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.
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Yaakov Yosefbarhu January 3, 2016

center It seems that the center of the masterpiece is free choice. To keep moving towards G-d no matter what is the point. Reply

Anonymous Forest Hills, NY/USA November 7, 2011

Only me! I never heard something like this in my circles. Yes I know to a degree I am of certain value but never think this much. Maybe we more so emphasize that we are created to edify G-d that we should not think so highly of ourselves. But evidently in putting ourselves down we can not know how much G-d loves us. Thank you rabbi, I am in tears now... Reply

b wolke Thornton, IL November 7, 2011

I agree that in HIS perfect way, GOD has placed each of us in a special place in HIS heart. However, the mindset of this dose sure feeds the ego of those with narcissistic personality disorder. Reply

Anonymous November 7, 2011

center point If each person's transcendent center point is God's transcendent essence, then yes each one of us is the most important thing in the universe. That appreciation can be expanded to anything in the universe, and is probably the whole reason that it all exists. The one iota of inner essence that everything has in common while all the rest is the unique manifestation of that essence.

Thanks for inspiring one's imagination in a serene soulful direction of what it is all about. Reply

Steve Katz Melbourne, AU November 7, 2011

A focus of Hashem FOCUS Stephen Reply

Deep Thinker November 27, 2008

Re: if I stand in my center Each individual stands at the center--but his head may be way off in left field. Reply

Anonymous Bflo, NY November 27, 2008

if i stand in my center if i stand in my center and my center is rooted in the truth of the tora, where does this leave those whose truth is rooted in their own idea's? should i conform?

can there be so many points to center that they vary as opposing opposites? where does this leave room for peace? there can only be tolerance? Reply

Herbert Schwarz, MD, FACS Santa Ana, CA November 27, 2008

Only You While we are all floating in parallel universes, we have to avoid space junk. Reply

Michal November 27, 2008

Only you... This is a wonderful Text. Hard to believe, because I can not imagine really, what it means.
It is so beautiful, that I am at loss of words and I stand in awe before our Creator. and am filled with thankfulness. Reply