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Gifted and Challenged

Gifted and Challenged


Gifted souls enter this world and shine. All that surround them bathe in their light and their beauty. And when they are gone, their light is missed.

Challenged souls enter, stumble and fall. They pick themselves up and fall again. Eventually, they climb to a higher tier, where more stumbling blocks await them. Their accomplishments often go unnoticed—although their stumbling is obvious to all.

But by the time they leave, new paths have been forged, obstacles leveled, and life itself has gained a new clarity for all those yet to enter.

Both are pure souls, G‑dly in essence. But while the gifted shine their light from Above, the challenged meet the enemy on its own ground. Any real change in this world is only on their account.

By Tzvi Freeman
From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. Subscribe and get your dose daily. Or order Rabbi Freeman’s book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.
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Robert Lenassi November 20, 2014

Thankyou. My son is disabled, though I sometimes wonder what that means. He loves everyone, loves G-d and accepts his lot in life more than any able person that I know of. Intelligence fame and fortune pale in comparison to these virtues. We should take a look at redefining the parameters of being "disabled". Reply

Eugina Giovanna Herrera New York City, New York September 5, 2014

Enemy will never prevail The enemy will never prevail. The light of G-d will light the darkness to overcome any obstacles as we are enduring in our everyday challenges for we are all enemies when we are challenging newer challenges. In other words, when we fall, we pick ourselves up to learn from our mistakes by not repeating itself like history. Enemy will never prevail from shining our gifts with the light of One G-d.

This is true how we all are always being challenged in our everyday realities.

Thank you Reply

David Levant Emerson,NJ May 16, 2014

Absolutely spectacular! Reply

Tzvi Freeman May 5, 2014

Re: clarification? Yes, we are all here to repair the world. As the Ari taught, our souls are divine and need no repair. They only come to this world to repair the body they are given, the personality of that body, and their portion of the world. Reply

The Real Thing The Real Place, USA May 4, 2014

We are all equal. Most stumble at some point.
As a kid growing up I heard the importance of being able to get up from stubbling
-not anything we don't hear now. Btter still, to be reminded of being stronger for getting up from the fall. The comment about fake smiles; I wish I could say at 45 yr old it no longer bothers me. Sometimes fakey fake is annoying. Be real people.
But it is not up to me to decide who is acting real and who thinks he needs to be phoney to get by. The story was good but I didn't really get it. Reply

Anonymous Lynbrook, NY May 4, 2014

Both We're all both, nothig but G -d is in equilibrium. No human nature, no animal kingdom, no any other type of nature is stable at all times. Reply

Anonymous New York May 1, 2014

clarification ? " But by the time they leave, new paths have been forged, obstacles leveled, and life itself has gained a new clarity for all those yet to enter. "

Can someone clarify what this means ?? Is a challenge souls purpose to make it easier for those who follow ?? Reply

Gregory Glavinovich Sacramento May 1, 2014

super message super Reply

Anonymous April 30, 2014

I think that all of us are in contact with people that we perceive as negative and positive, depending on our own self. Our relationship with everyone could shape us but it is up to us to react and relate to their actions: having G-d always in front of us will lead us in the right direction. Reply

Anonymous Montreal April 30, 2014

Equal All men and women are equal, no lofty souls, no challenged souls we are all created in GOD's image. "God saw all that He had made, and it was very good". It is us who judge and make distinctions that define them as lofty or challenged or good or no good. And the minute we make those distinctions we loose sight of GOD and man's state becomes of prime importance.

We must not forget that GOD's divine providence guides all our steps for the good, that everything is ordained to increase our connection to GOD. When we get too involved in other peoples actions we are stealing time from GOD. Reply

Jonathan bergman London April 30, 2014

Wonderfully put .Great wisdom.Thank you Reply

Levi November 21, 2012

Evil doesn't have gemstones Yossi, the gemstones are buried deep beneath the superficial surface of a false people. It's for this buried gold that we were put here on earth to uncover. This lie is really a confusion of good and evil, so our work is to filter and purify. But Valerie is correct, too. She is referring to those who's purpose on this earth is nothing but to hurt the innocent. She speaks from experience, not wishful thinking. She's talking about our worlds' Hitlers and Stalins and the elementary school bully who hurts the shy and the meek. There's no forgiveness here, we must wait for the era when the creator himself will rid the world of this cruelty. I think Kabbala called this something like The Big Three Evils, for which there's no hope. Confounded Evil can be purified; Raw Evil can't. (At least to my limited understanding. Maybe Nachum Ish Gam Zu can teach me something) Reply

Yossi June 14, 2011

Dig Deeper (Response to Valerie) A man once went to the Lubavitcher Rebbe and complained about the fakeness of human beings. He complained of how everyone around him gives him nothing but smiles, but underneath the smile he knows they're all selfish and greedy and smile only because they want something from him.

In response the Rebbe gave a parable of a man who walks down the street, and sees beautiful houses, and clean street, gorgeous scenery, and so on. But if he takes a hoe and starts to dig, he will find dirt.

The man nodded, thinking the Rebbe made his point, but the Rebbe went on:
"But if you dig deeper, you will find minerals and gems and precious stones!" Reply

Terri Casselberry via June 7, 2011

"Chase" I'm with Valerie Chase I don't think you can afford to tell Valerie her thinking is foolish. Perhaps you haven't walked in the shoes that she has. Until you have... keep your biting comments to yourself. She has a right to her opinion. Perhaps she earned that opinion through her experiences...which is more than I can say for you who is just playing Devils advocate (perhaps this & perhaps that)!

"Perhaps they don't even see what they are doing as wrong, or perhaps they just haven't learned anything from what they do yet"???

Oh really and perhaps they do...and perhaps there ARE others who choose to continue to hurt others in their pursuit of their own happiness. Perhaps they choose to insult the intelligence level of others anonymously on an internet website by calling them fools! Reply

Chase September 19, 2008

To Valerie That is some foolish thinking, Valerie. Perhaps those who you believe are doing "evil" are only being themselves and chasing what they desire. Perhaps they don't even see what they are doing as wrong, or perhaps they just haven't learned anything from what they do yet. plus, no one is always "evil" or "good" so please, go and experience some more upon this earth. thanks. Reply

chana September 14, 2008

i'm speechless pure truth.
At first I thought it applied to my adult Down Syndrome son, who is my constant inspiration.

On second thought I realise HE'S the gifted one and i'm the stumbling soul. Reply

ari edson thorngill, ont September 13, 2008

Thank you Reply

Valerie September 12, 2008

Philosophy This is nice Philosophy but my experciences upon this earth has taught me, that we humans either are impacting others lives with evil or with good. And that evil can appear to be good, inorder to decieve & to trick . NOTall humans are good, only G-d is good & those who yield their lives to HIM & HIS ways do good as result of having done that. But those who remain rebellion & selfishness or those who dstroy their own lives & aide in destroying other lives as well. THis s sad but true. Thank you :-) Reply

Millard Gulledge Portland, Oregon September 12, 2008

stumbling The only way that i can feel any progress in my life is to stumble and fall. If I fall forward i have at least made some progress even if others laugh at me. Reply