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Know that along with every blade of grass and every speeding electron, so too your own thoughts and decisions are directed with the same wondrous meaning and purpose by the One who created and directs all things. You only need to decide to do the right thing and His holy hand guides you on that path.

This is what confidence in the Director of the world is all about: A conviction that since He is the essence of good, therefore all things are for the good—the obvious good.

If so, what on earth are you worried or confused about? Even when your own mind determines what to do and how—even then He is there.

To the Creator, there is nothing here other than His words, nothing other than G‑d telling a story to Himself.
There are no things, only a symphony.
There is no world, only a story being told.
The way you tell it, that is how it is.
Fill today with words that give life.
Caring words are like gentle rain upon a dormant field.
As the atmosphere envelops our planet, so your thoughts surround you.
In each person you meet, there is something uniquely wondrous.
It’s nice to be born nice. It’s divine to achieve it.
If you could never stumble, you would never stand on your own feet.
As you measure others, so will you be measured.
Allow them to find their way; be there for them when they get lost.