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They think self-surrender means to say, “I have no mind. I have no heart. I only believe and follow, for I am nothing.”

This is not self-surrender—this is denial of the truth. For it is saying there is a place where G–dliness cannot be—namely your mind and your heart.

G‑d did not give you a brain that you should abandon it, or a personality that you should ignore it. These are the building materials from which you may forge a sanctuary for Him, to bring the Divine Presence into the physical realm.

Don’t run from the self with which G‑d has entrusted you. Connect your entire being to its Essential Source. Permeate every cell with the light of self-surrender.

By Tzvi Freeman
From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. Subscribe and get your dose daily. Or order Rabbi Freeman’s book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.
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valerie usa May 1, 2013

self surrender/the 'new' self sacrifice yes, thank you Rabbi Freeman. who is "they"?? as in....They think self-surrender means to say, “I have no mind. I have no heart. I only believe and follow, for I am nothing.” regarding self-surrender, that thought would never occur to me!?

jack sharfstein montana May 1, 2013

if we all lived by this truth wed have heaven here on earth Reply

Anonymous USA May 1, 2013

Self-Surrender Self-Surrender to me is: Freedom of mind and soul to accept the Divine Presence in my life as EVERYTHING that there is REAL and TRUE. To connect to this Divine Power for direction to walk in the path He, and only He has set up for me, in my life. Therefore, nothing can violate this freedom that only He has given. Each individual has its own G-d given soul. The body is only a means of revelation of this soul. And no one can make us a slave but our own selves, by abandoning His presence by choosing the ways of the enemies of Hashem. Because, when we abandon His ways, then we become slaves. And that is exactly what the enemy of HaShem wants. His greed, and personal desires of power, disregarding the Power and Might of the True Giver of Life, try to enslave us with his promises and lies of a better world without G-d's ways, but his ways of self sufficiency based in their intelligence which is only brain matter. This latter will go to maggots and dust. Torah is Truth. Soul is the truth. Reply

john smith FL May 1, 2013

and ignore? and ignore the Pharaoh which controls you?

What would Moses do? Live with the Pharaoh? Deny G-ds freedom of the Soul?

And the real reason religion is being doesnt exist written....

There is no need to run from "reality" to protect the Pharaoh's image of freedom.....Denying G-d in the "public square" or his existence at all is NOT freedom OR reality......

Time to choose....the Red pill....or the Blue pill.......and WHO will lead the Exodus this time around?

This is what people are waiting for........whie the Pharoah continues to grow and inhabit the entire Earth....... Reply

Fiona Nyquille Yellowknife, NWT December 20, 2010

Surrendering the yes, i really appreciated this, because like a surgeon you have located the bleeding edges of nihilism; and sewed them back together with Godly kindness;

The needle of truth is given unto a tapestry again.

"Forge a sanctuary" ...
"to be ... the divining fork for that Divine Light, the Shabbos Bride, to enter in ..."

Yes, the 'forging' passion is not ALL; ...
but it is that which, after a surrender has occured; learns and yearns to desire connection, again.

Thank you.
Very meaningful. Reply

Richard Wolfson Portsmouth, OH December 20, 2010

Bringing Earth Heaven The idea of surrender is central also to 12 Step recovery, where we often hear, "surrender to win." Modeled perhaps on Jewish belief, it does not mean the surrender of a physical self to another more powerful physical being. It means acceptance, total recognition ("with complete abandon") of our spiritual origin: G-d, in our belief, a "Higher Power," in 12 Step lexicon. At the point of surrender (complete by nature), the physical realm: desire, fear, ego, lust, envy, etc., ceases to have power over us, as that part of "us" has has been relinquished; there is nothing left for physical powers to dominate. Our "golden calf" has been shattered and we recognize the Oneness of our creator. Now we are free to use properly our abilities in the material world. Reply

Anonymous Australia December 20, 2010

Great! Wow, what a fresh way to state self-surrender! Thank you Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. Reply