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Tzava'at Harivash 12

Tzava'at Harivash 12


Do not think that by worshipping with deveikut 1 you are greater than another. You are like any other creature, created for the sake of His worship, blessed be He. God gave a mind to the other just as He gave a mind to you.

What makes you superior to a worm? The worm serves the Creator with all its mind and strength! 2 Man, too, is a worm and maggot, as it is written “I am a worm and no man.” (Psalms 22:7) If God had not given you intelligence you would not be able to worship Him but like a worm. Thus you are no better than a worm, and certainly [no better] than [other] people.

Bear in mind that you, the worm and all other small creatures are considered as equals in the world. For all were created and have but the ability given to them by the blessed Creator. 3

Always keep this matter in mind.

See above, sect. 11, note 2.
All created things praise and worship God, each in its own way, as described in the Midrash Perek Shirah. See there especially the preamble (cited in Yalkut Shimoni on Psalms 150) how King David was rebuked by a frog who demonstrated that its service of God excels that of King David.
As each creature serves God according to its own abilities, all are proportionally equal. That man can and will do more than others, therefore, is no reason for self-satisfaction or arrogance: he can do so only by virtue of the special abilities given to him by God. Cf. below, sect. 48.
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