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Is It Special to Pass Away on One's Birthday?

Is It Special to Pass Away on One's Birthday?



My grandmother passed away on her Jewish birthday. A relative said that in Judaism it is considered a particular blessing to die on one’s birthday. Is that correct?


That is indeed the case. The Talmud teaches that Moses passed away on the 7th day of the Jewish month of Adar, which was his 120th birthday. The Talmud explains that G‑d calculates and completes the lifespan a righteous person, as we read in Exodus (23:21), “I will complete the number of your days.”1

Why is this significant?

The Chassidic masters explain that on the day we are born we are entrusted with a mission. The righteous person lives his life achieving his fullest potential and completes his mission on earth in the most perfect way possible. This perfection is expressed in the fact that his mission ends on the very same day that it was begun.2


Kiddushin 38a.


Talk of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory, Shabbat, Parashat Terumah, 6th Day of Adar, 5743.

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Anonymous November 28, 2017

My mother passed away on her birthday I want to know what does it mean? Reply

Frank P Barhonovich Biloxi October 16, 2017

My father in law just passed on my father's birthday, it made them to die at the age of 89. My father passed 2 years ago on Thursday Reply

Neetu September 17, 2017

My sister passed on my birthday. We were super close and I'm wondering what it could mean? Reply

Sylvia Nyc December 6, 2017
in response to Neetu:

My father died on my 14th birthday, I've searched to find some meaning, I'd appreciate if anyone had any thoughts or could suggest further information. Thank You. Reply

Leeba SE, PA March 4, 2011

So then, Does this mean that a person who dies on their birthday, their soul's mission is complete and will not be "used" again in our world? Reply

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