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A mitzvah is an opportunity to act out your inner soul. But when, other than at prayer, do you have an opportunity to experience that soul?

A Multimedia Guide to Jewish Prayer

A Multimedia Guide to Jewish Prayer

Work in progress


A mitzvah is an opportunity to act out your inner soul. A thought of Torah is an opportunity to hear it speaking. But when do you have an opportunity to experience that soul? When, other than at prayer?

To pray comes as naturally to the human being as breathing—where there is an openness to something greater, something beyond, naturally we cry out to it from within. Nevertheless, there is a ladder, a set of skills and techniques that can be learned. With knowledge, with practice and with persistence, we can all learn to excel at the art of dialogue between that breath of the divine within us and her Beloved Above.

This guide will work its way through:

  • The basic assumptions of prayer; why we do it and what it achieves
  • The structure and form in which they have been ordered
  • The meanings of particular prayers
  • Techniques for meditation and focus, for awakening the mind, heart and soul
Is Jewish prayer inherently paradoxical?
Does an Infinite Being really need us telling Him what to do?
Why there's really nothing to complain about
It must be that for whatever reason, the Creator of this reality is interested in the experience from within, and not just from above.
The true essence of prayer
Once you realize who you are and where you are, it all fits together. We are characters in G-d's story.
First, an overview
How high does it go, how many light years away does it take you? The answer is zero. It takes you directly inside the place where you are standing right now.
How to go to sleep to be awake
Where will your head be in the morning? Wherever you left it the night before.
Pack your bags. Actually, unpack your bags.
Everything you need for sweet dreams and a fresh lease on life every morning.
Solid bedrock
When you first wake up, you’re a new creation. The seed of everything you must be, of all you must accomplish, is there then. Grab it while you can.
Step by step
The first words of your day are the trunk of the tree from which every branch of that day will grow . . .
…and really mean it
Received wisdom on starting off your day on the right foot-and the right state of mind.
Morning Blessings
There is a deep truth hidden in the hole of the bagel: Always start with the knowledge that you truly have nothing, and your bread will be ever satisfying and chewy.
And if so, why aren’t we doing it?
Is it possible to be a good Jew, do mitzvahs, study Torah and pray to G‑d without ever thinking too deeply about who He is and what’s my relationship with Him?
The real reason angels don’t rush in
Getting your head out of the street, and the street out of your head.
Collaboration of your own mind
Have a chat with your human animal.
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