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A collection of received wisdom, contemporary responses and practical advice in short essays, video and animated cartoons.



What it is and how to get it


Received wisdom and with-it advice in words, video and animated cartoons

Rabbi Yisrael Baal Shem Tov entered a chilled, dreary world and set it afire. He taught that even the simplest soul can bond to the Infinite Creator with love and joy . . .
Video | 32:06
KabbalaToons LIVE!
Words from the Creator of the Animated Series
Rabbi Tzvi Freeman, creator of the animated series, KabbalaToons, presents and explains select episodes to a live audience.
Video | 2:21
Why Celebrate?
If you were a granola bar about to be eaten, what would you have to celebrate?
Video | 2:14
Why Be Happy?
Happiness is knowing that you are small. Happiness is knowing that you are the most important thing in the universe.
Angels wait thousands of years to do what you can do any moment.
Some say G‑d created the world so we could party. It’s only half true. He created it so He could party with us. Which is basically the idea of a mitzvah . . .
About the one act in life that is perfectly still
All of life is running towards something, reaching for something, attempting to become something. Yet there’s one act in life which is about being there . . .
Eve, Noah, Sarah and the Key to Letting Go
It’s a simple solution and no big secret, yet for all of history we’ve done all we can to avoid it.
The case for climbing slowly
Its not how high you're up on the ladder that counts, it's the direction you're moving in--however gradual that may be.
Take advantage of the roller coaster of life
Life is a roller coaster. Everything is moving, everything is pulsating. Become small, receive life, and then shine.
When I look at myself and my life I see plenty of reasons to be miserable. Am I supposed to be able to just switch on happiness at will?
—How the ego conflicts with true joy
We may be somewhat surprised to discover that not only is there no conflict between the two, but in truth happiness and humility make a marvelous pair.
—Let the ecstasy override all else
The joyous chapter
Genuine joy comes from profound spiritual awareness on life and an absolute clarity of direction, living for a purpose. The Chassidic Approach to Joy explores the mystical depths of one's soul as well as the universe at large, on the well-traveled path to pure, internal happiness.
Coping with that nagging sense of failure
Imagine you’re making this wild bar mitzvah party with all your friends who brought a whole pile of gifts—and there’s one nudnik there standing next to you and kvetching, “What a lousy party. Your voice cracked in the middle of the Haftorah and your speech put even the rabbi to sleep. The sushi smells rotten. Your Aunt Monica didn’t even bring a gift. And your friends probably don’t even like you.”
How to kill with a smile
I’m a nice person. But for my nemesis I have reserved the ultimate revenge: a smile.
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