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Commandments related to sales and purchases.

Sefer Kinyan

Sefer Kinyan

The Book of Acquisition


'In the name of the Lord, eternal God'

"The beginning of wisdom: Acquire wisdom; with all your resources, gain understanding" (Proverbs 4:7)


SEFER KINYAN The Book of Acquisition

This book contains five halachot, which are arranged in the following order:

Hilchot Mechirah - The Laws of Selling

Hilchot Zechiyah UMatanah - The Laws of Acquisition and Gifts

Hilchot Sh'chenim - The Laws Governing Relations Between Neighbors

Hilchot Sh'luchin V'Shutafin - The Laws Governing Relations with Agents

and Partners

Hilchot Avadim - The Laws Governing Servants