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Fish with Meat or Dairy

Fish with Meat or Dairy


Fish and meat may not be cooked or eaten together. However, unlike milk and meat, fish and meat may be eaten at the same meal as separate courses. Silverware and plates which have been used for fish may only be used for meat after they have been washed. Between the fish and meat courses, one should eat something that does not stick to the palate and take a drink (preferably other than water). Some people also rinse their hands slightly between courses.

Customs vary regarding the use of fish and dairy. Most communities permit the combination of fish and butter. In certain communities, fish is not combined with milk or cheese. Fish and dairy may be served at the same meal with separate plates and silverware.

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Eliezer Zalmanov for September 7, 2016

Re; Lamb Lamb is considered kosher, but like all other kosher meats, it must be prepared properly, and labeled as such. If it isn't certified kosher by a reliable agency, then it is not acceptable. Reply

Anonymous Plano, Tx September 7, 2016

Lamb I am trying to find an answer on lamb, is lamb considered a kosher meat? Does it have to be labeled kosher? If you were to see at a super market that had pork on shelves above the lamb, would it then be something you wouldn't be able to consume? Thank you. Reply

Yehuda Shurpin for June 6, 2016

Re: Reasons for waiting one or three hours With regards to the source and reasoning behind the one or three hour wait see Meat & Milk and specifically footnotes # 20 & 21 there Reply

M. Diane Flushing, NY June 3, 2016

Meat and fish together? I never had such a thing in all my life! Gee, I do not think I have ever seen a recipe where fish and meat are combined. I have, however, treated a fish like a turkey when I prepared my normal thanksgiving type stuffing (bread, onions, celery, garlic, herbs and bell seasonings) and used it to stuff a big fish, I sewed the fish up and baked it. It was delicious. Reply

Anonymous San Diego June 2, 2016

What's the historical sequence behind German, Dutch, etc who wait only three hours or even only one hour between meat and milk? What is the origin of some Torah observant communities, like those that had Jewish communities in Germany, Holland, etc to wait only three hours, or other periods of time shorter than six hours, such as one hour between meat and dairy? Was theirs a more lenient interpretation of a preexisting six hour wait or did the six hour wait arise from a subsequent or different interpretation among the Torah observant? I understand that even when Jews from the three hour and one hour wait communities moved eastward in Europe, they retained the shorter wait times along the paternal line. I understand that "these and those" are both the words of the Torah," but would be interested in the historical sequence or parallel developments. Reply

Rochel Chein February 22, 2016

To Nadine The Talmud (Pesachim 76b) tells us that is it unhealthy to eat fish together with meat.

See here regarding the various customs on whether fish may be eaten with dairy. Reply

Nadine Springfield February 18, 2016

Why not together? Reply

Borys February 17, 2016

clean silverware my grandma claims that one must wash when eating fish after meat and it is not necessary to wash when eating meat after fish.

according to her fish after dairy does not require washing.

i guess that it's all about having always clean silverware when eating fish. Reply

Anonymous USA September 8, 2014

Fish and dairy This has been known to create skin pigmentation issues and has created white patchy skin for a minority of people. Nothing has been proven. No drug company has sponsored a study that proves they have a cure or if this is significant. This is just ancient wisdom. Reply

Rev. Leslie Johnson January 23, 2014

Dairy with Meat Being non jewish my perspective is rather different. My understanding is this kashrut serves the purpose of expressing the idea we need to respect the kind of inherent love that we find between a mother and her child by not combining them inappropriately. That is the point, yet so much concern about the physical fine points diminishes to me the true aspect which is easily performed by our Hearts Intention and mindfulness whose blessing is instantly heard by HaShem. Reply

Julia May 10, 2013

Thank you you so much Rochel. Your guidance is appreciated and has eased my mind and blessed my Shabbat too. Shabbat Shalom:). Reply

Rochel Chein for May 9, 2013

To Julia The same set of dishes can be used for both fish and dairy. Customs differ regarding whether fish and dairy are mixed together or eaten at the same time - see May Fish Be Consumed With Dairy at . According to all opinions though, fish and dairy can be eaten at the same meal. Those who don't mix them will serve fish and dairy on separate plates from the same set, and rinse their mouths in between the two. Reply

Julia Bingham San Jose May 8, 2013

Fish and Dairy home If I am a pescatarian, does fish need to go on a separate set of plates or can I have just one set in my home? Reply

Rabbi Menachem Posner December 25, 2011

To Anonymous, Copenhagen a. While there may have been a time in history that poultry was not considered "meat," it was never forbidden with meat, as milk is.

b. If you do not have meat at home you do not need to have meat dishes and one set is sufficient. Reply

Anonymous Copenhagen, Denmark December 23, 2011

Can poultry be milk? Is it true that once poultry and milk was one category and meat an other ?

If there is no trace of meat in the house, is it neccessary to use two sets of plates and cutlery ? Reply

Anonymous December 11, 2011

dairy and meat My colleague keeps kosher. I was in our office lunch room and she had cottage cheese and fruit and then a slice of kosher sausage. I asked if she could eat the meat with the cottage cheese and she said if she waited ten minutes she could eat the meat but not the other way around. I thought there was a six hour wait between dairy and meat and meat and dairy. Please advise. Reply

Yisroel Cotlar Cary, NC October 26, 2011

Re: Dairy can certainly be eaten after fish. Reply

TT October 25, 2011

Answer to Ari After fish dairy is allowed( not milk). Reply

ARI Miami, Fl October 17, 2011

Dairy after fish If after eating fish I want a dessert which is dairy, is that allowed? Also if I use silverware to eat meat and at the same time rice, which sponge should my wife use to wash the silverware, the one for meat or the one for parve, netural? Thanks for your help. Reply

Menachem Posner for Montreal, QC July 3, 2011

To Igerne and others: Please have a look at Is Lox and Cream Cheese Parve? for an informative article on why we do not eat fish with meat (and some dairy). Reply

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