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A Basic Timeline of Rabbi Shalom DovBer's Life

A Basic Timeline of Rabbi Shalom DovBer's Life

Manuscript written by Rabbi Sholom Dovber.
Manuscript written by Rabbi Sholom Dovber.

1860: Birth of the Rebbe Rashab on the 20th of the Jewish month of Cheshvan (the 5th of November).

1875: Married his cousin Rebbetzin Shterna Sara after the close of Shabbat, on the 11th of the Jewish month of Elul (the 11th of September).

1880: Begins his work in public affairs.

1883: Begins guiding to chassidim and accepts the post of Rebbe.

1892: Endeavors to have the expulsion from Moscow rescinded, and effects a postponement until the summer; provides substantial financial subsidies to enable those expelled to settle in new places.

1893: Reestablishes the committee of communal leaders in Petersburg.

1894: Visits the settlements in Kherson province.

1897: Establishes the Yeshivot Tomchei T'mimim.

1898: Travels in the public interest to Kiev and Odessa.

1899: Expresses his negative views regarding the Zionist party.

1901: Visits Germany, France and Holland on communal concerns.

1902: With the assistance of the philanthropic brothers Poliakov and the help of the I.C.A., establishes a factory for weaving and spinning wool in Dubrovna, Mogilev province. Some 2000 Jews earn ample livelihoods working there.

1904: Establishes committees to send matzot to Jewish soldiers in the Far East.

1906: Successfully endeavors in Petersburg to halt the pogroms.

1907: Prepares a detailed program entitled Hitagdut Hayerei'im ("The Union of Observant Jews"), and conveys it to Rabbi Breuer and the learned G‑d-fearing, Rabbi Yaakov Rosenheim.

1908: Participates in the meeting of communal leaders of Germany in Berlin.

1909: At the Katowitz Conference he announces his withdrawal from the Agudat Yisrael.

1911: Establishes Yeshivat Torat Emet in Hebron, Israel.

1915: On the 17th of the Jewish month of Cheshvan (the 25th of October), he leaves Lubavitch and moves to Rostov, on the River Don.

1916: During the summer, establishes Yeshivot in Georgia.

1917: Succeeds in securing legal exemption from military service for 2,382 religious functionaries (rabbis, cantors, ritual slaughterers, etc.).

1920: After Shabbat ends, of the Torah reading of Vayikra, eve of Sunday, 2 Nissan (the 21st of March), at 3:30 a.m., he passes away and is interred in Rostov, on the river Don.

He had one son, the sixth Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Schneersohn.

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Eliezer Zalmanov for November 30, 2016

The Rebbe Rashab's bris was postponed at the last minute due to his health taking a turn for the worse. He did not recover fully until a month later, and that was when the bris was held. His grandfather, the Tzemach Tzedek, had actually predicted that the bris would not be held on time. Reply

Anonymous November 27, 2016

I read that the bris of the Rebbe Rashab took place on the second light of Chanukah, more than a month later, is this accurate?
If so, why did the bris not take place on the 8th day after his birth? Reply

Anonymous March 21, 2015

Source of this brief biography The current Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson put this timeline together, based on manuscripts he had from his father-in-law and predecessor. It is printed in the introduction to the Hayom Yom.

(In response to the previous comment, the Rebbe Rashab only had one child, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Schneerson, the Previous Rebbe. Rebbetzin Menucha Rochel was one of the daughters of the Mitteler Rebbe.) Reply

Anonymous Biria, Israel February 1, 2012

other children what are the names of his other children? Rebbetzin Menucha Rachel...and.... Reply

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