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For time immemorial, whenever Jews found themselves in difficult situations, whether individually or communally, they would open up the Book of Psalms and use King David’s ageless poetic praises and supplications to beseech G-d for mercy...

Psalms and Jewish Prayer for Healing

Psalms and Jewish Prayer for Healing

Selected Psalms traditionally recited on behalf of the sick

Suggested Psalms to recite for the ill:

For time immemorial, whenever Jews found themselves in difficult situations, whether individually or communally, they would open up the Book of Psalms and use King David's ageless poetic praises and supplications to beseech G‑d for mercy.

The Midrash tells us that when King David compiled the Psalms, he had in mind himself, as well as every Jew of every generation and every circumstance. No matter who you are and what the situation, the words of the Psalms speak the words of your heart and are heard On High.

The third Lubavitcher Rebbe once said that if we only knew the power of Psalms and the effects of its recitation, we would recite them constantly. "Know that the chapters of Psalms shatter all barriers, they ascend higher and still higher with no interference; they prostrate themselves in supplication before the Master of all worlds, and they effect and accomplish with kindness and compassion."

When praying for an individual who is ill, it is customary to recite the following thirty-six chapters of Psalms: 20, 6, 9, 13, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 37, 38, 39, 41, 49, 55, 56, 69, 86, 88, 89, 90, 91, 102, 103, 104, 107, 116, 118, 142, 143, and 148.

After this, recite the stanzas from Psalm 119 that correspond to the letters of the ill individual's Jewish name(s). (Psalm 119 is an acrostic containing twenty-two stanzas, each stanza consisting of eight verses that begin with the same letter from the Hebrew alphabet. The first eight verses all start with the letter aleph, the next eight begin with bet, the next eight with gimel, etc.) E.g., if the person's name is Moshe (משה), recite the stanzas that begin with mem, shin, and hey. If the person's name is Rachel (רחל), recite the stanzas that begin with resh, chet and lamed.

Then recite the six stanzas that correspond to the words קרע שטן ("destroy the Prosecutor"): kuf, resh, ayin, shin, tet, and nun.

Below you will find these Psalms, in both Hebrew and English. And may G‑d hear our prayers and grant a speedy and complete recovery to all those who are ill.

We also suggest that you send a blessing request to be placed at the "Ohel," the Rebbe's resting place. Click here for more information on the Ohel, and here to email your blessing request.

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Stephens Kcmo June 23, 2017

Facing federal time pls pray for me I have two young daughters and a wife I don't wanna leave them alone in this world please pray for my mercy please Reply

Jesse Montreal June 22, 2017

Please pray for me jesse cohen . Lots of issues right now Reply

Anonymous 13 maple way Armonk ny June 21, 2017

Please pray for my 2nd time possible broken ankle. It is putting my family through a lot of stress Reply

Theresa Virginia Beach, Virginia June 20, 2017

Please pray for my friend, Marc (The Barefoot Professor of South Africa), he is in need of healing. Amen Reply

Vivian June 14, 2017

Please bday and send a prayer for Yvonne's -- my mother's -- speedy recovery.
Xo Reply

Rivka Ny June 11, 2017

Please add a pray for my daughter chaia bat Rivka health . Amen Reply

Gavriella Hannah LONDONDERRY June 10, 2017

Urgent prayers needed!!!! We are praying for a miracle tonight for Sarah Bracha bat Rina! Urgent Urgent life or death! Please Amazing Hashem ( Praise be Your Name)! Reply

Tunde Nigeria June 9, 2017

Healing from Sickle Cells Please pray for my two wonderful kids that are sickle cell carriers. I believe there is nothing God cannot do and because of this, I need their supernatural change of Gynotype SS to AA. I and my lovely wife need a miracle. There is nothing impossible for G-d. Reply

Avigayel Lowell June 4, 2017

Please pray for Sarah Bracha bat Rina she has been in the hospital for over a week now she has kidney and heart failure. Doctors are unable to treat her we need a miracle. Reply

Alexandra Fincher Little Elm May 31, 2017

My Friend is very ill. My dearest friend Zahida Sarwar is very ill, het organs are shuttings, she is in need of prayer. Alexandra Reply

mike berkley Benjamin CHICAGO May 31, 2017

Please pray for baby Arielle and newborn mom Cherie to overcome sepsis from labor. Please pray that they heal completely with a fast recovery. Reply

Anonymous May 30, 2017

Tzvi Ivri Ben Sara with likely infarct and in cardiac cath lab now - thank you. Reply

Jacki Florida May 28, 2017

Zev Berel ben Alta Brocha heart attack in Cardiac Cath Lab now. Age 47 Reply

Gavriella Hannah Londonderry May 26, 2017

Sarah Bracha bat Rina is in critical condition. Please pray for gor her. All her organs are failing and she is going to start dialysis. Please pray that she heals completely. Mind, body and soul Amen Reply

Tanya California May 26, 2017

Please prayer for Emma bat Emma. She suffered from Hellp preeclampsia and lots a lot of bloood through her labor. Baby is healthy, Baruch Hashem, but She is still very ill. Prayers that her blood platelets rise to a normal level and her blood pressure normalizes as well. Reply

Raquel Los Angeles May 25, 2017

Please pray for my 20 month son Elliott who has heart failure, and continue strength for my husband & I. G-d is good & hears all our prayers Reply

Anonymous New York May 24, 2017

Please pray for chaim meir Simcha ben itka Esther he has chronic Lyme disease, may he only receive bracha and refuah. Reply

Shoshanna May 24, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

My step daughter is going to Germany this week for treatment of Chronic Lyme disease.. They are the only place that treats chronic Lyme disease... St. George Clinic..
I will pray.. Reply

SarainNY NYC June 14, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

Lyme Disease help Look at website for the Arthritis Center of Riverside CA. Dr Franco and his staff may treat lyme disease. You can call and a nurse will answer your questions. It is near San Diago. They specialize in treating Auto Immune. Reply

Shoshanna May 23, 2017

Please pray for Sarah Bracha bat Rina who is very ill.. Her kidneys are failing and she cannot have dialysis at this time, She is in heart failure.. We need a miracle Reply

Karen May 22, 2017

Please pray for Moshe Zev Ben Gitel he is having major surgery today on may 22, 2017. Please pray for him to fully recover and be healthy again so we can enjoy him for many many years to come. His recovery should be easy and with very little pain. Thank you so much Reply

Martha Texas May 20, 2017

Please pray for my 13 year old niece as she undergoes bone transplant in Ft Worth next Thursday. Thank you. Reply

Susan Davis Boston/Cambridge May 26, 2017
in response to Martha :

My niece suffered for 14 years. She was only 26 when she died. Five years later I am still in deep pain.
I will pray for your niece. I am sorry you and your family are going through this.
Susan Reply

Martha Tx May 26, 2017
in response to Susan Davis:

Thank you Susan. God bless you. Kaytlin is 2 days post transplant now. Some complications but we know there is no limit to what Almighty Father can do. Thank you, I pray for you and the memory of your lived one. Reply

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