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For time immemorial, whenever Jews found themselves in difficult situations, whether individually or communally, they would open up the Book of Psalms and use King David’s ageless poetic praises and supplications to beseech G-d for mercy...

Psalms and Jewish Prayer for Healing

Psalms and Jewish Prayer for Healing

Selected Psalms traditionally recited on behalf of the sick

Suggested Psalms to recite for the ill:

For time immemorial, whenever Jews found themselves in difficult situations, whether individually or communally, they would open up the Book of Psalms and use King David's ageless poetic praises and supplications to beseech G‑d for mercy.

The Midrash tells us that when King David compiled the Psalms, he had in mind himself, as well as every Jew of every generation and every circumstance. No matter who you are and what the situation, the words of the Psalms speak the words of your heart and are heard On High.

The third Lubavitcher Rebbe once said that if we only knew the power of Psalms and the effects of its recitation, we would recite them constantly. "Know that the chapters of Psalms shatter all barriers, they ascend higher and still higher with no interference; they prostrate themselves in supplication before the Master of all worlds, and they effect and accomplish with kindness and compassion."

When praying for an individual who is ill, it is customary to recite the following thirty-six chapters of Psalms: 20, 6, 9, 13, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 37, 38, 39, 41, 49, 55, 56, 69, 86, 88, 89, 90, 91, 102, 103, 104, 107, 116, 118, 142, 143, and 148.

After this, recite the stanzas from Psalm 119 that correspond to the letters of the ill individual's Jewish name(s). (Psalm 119 is an acrostic containing twenty-two stanzas, each stanza consisting of eight verses that begin with the same letter from the Hebrew alphabet. The first eight verses all start with the letter aleph, the next eight begin with bet, the next eight with gimel, etc.) E.g., if the person's name is Moshe (משה), recite the stanzas that begin with mem, shin, and hey. If the person's name is Rachel (רחל), recite the stanzas that begin with resh, chet and lamed.

Then recite the six stanzas that correspond to the words קרע שטן ("destroy the Prosecutor"): kuf, resh, ayin, shin, tet, and nun.

Below you will find these Psalms, in both Hebrew and English. And may G‑d hear our prayers and grant a speedy and complete recovery to all those who are ill.

We also suggest that you send a blessing request to be placed at the "Ohel," the Rebbe's resting place. Click here for more information on the Ohel, and here to email your blessing request.

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TONI USA January 4, 2018

Healing with multiple issues. Thank you. Reply

eliyaho md January 3, 2018

please pray for Abraham and batyamineh , husband and wife who lost their 19 years old son due to cancer,and now they are going through difficulty in their marriage and family life, thanks in advance for your prayers Reply

Bruce Westchester January 14, 2018
in response to eliyaho :

My thoughts and prayers are with you for the loss of your beautiful son. Just remember he will always be with and around you all.
Bruce Reply

Michael Toronto, Canada January 3, 2018

Please pray to Hashem that he gives me peace and health. They found a polyp in my gallbladder on an ultrasound, now as I wait to see a specialist I feel constant worry and fear. I am not a very religious guy so I am not even sure how to pray properly. Reply

Bruce January 14, 2018
in response to Michael:

Michael, may the Lord help you and heal you for in his hands are all the souls of all the living that is said.
Bruce Reply

Eric Brooklyn, NY January 3, 2018

For my crippling drug affiction and grief over the anniversary of my sister's death Reply

Ruth M Coconut Creek FL January 11, 2018
in response to Eric :

Eric...may the deliverer...the G-d of our fathers...deliver you out of all afflictions. many are the sfflictions of the righteous...but G-d delivers us out of them all...You can rely on His word. He is not a man that he would lie to his creation. you and I.. He loves us and wants us to be free. the Anniversity of my son's death is Jan. 15....eigteen years ago. the memory is there but Hashem took all my pain and grief away. I do not grief as them that have no hope. Because I shall see my son one day.....And you too shall see your sister oneday in the horizion. Receive G-ds love to heal your body, mind and soul. Reply

Andrea Cohen San Antonio January 1, 2018

For my hip replacement tomorrow Reply

michele January 1, 2018
in response to Andrea Cohen:

May Hashem watch over you and keep you healthy and safe His peace will sustain and help you to a better life Reply

Anonymous January 1, 2018
in response to Andrea Cohen:

Tomorrow when you wake up and they have you taking your first steps, you will realize how truly “hip” you are! They will have you walking around before you know it. G-d keep and heal you. Do not forget to try to finish saying She’ma when they begin giving you your “milk of amnesia.” Have a wonderful sleep and let us know how you made out. Reply

Andrea San antonio January 3, 2018
in response to michele:

Thank you for your prayers, I will be going home tomorrow. I'm doing better this time around with my right hip than I did with my left hip a year ago. Thank you for your prayers Reply

Andrea San antonio January 3, 2018
in response to michele:

Thank you for your prayers. I am going home tomorrow. I'm able to do the necessities and I'm able to go home so thank you for your prayers Reply

stella Canada January 2, 2018
in response to Anonymous:

Annoymous, who ever you be, may Hashem bless you for your sweet encouraging comment to Andrea Cohen, and with a little bit of humour too to boot. We all need that little bit of homour, Gd bless you Annoymous.
I think you have replied to others too who ask for prayers.

May Hashem bless you.. and yours..
and may Hashem hear and answer favourably the prayers being asked here on this wonderful site.

stella. Reply

Andrea San antonio January 3, 2018
in response to Anonymous:

Thank you, prayers have been answered. I am going home tomorrow. I can walk. I've had this surgery on my left hip a year ago and I think this time around I'm able to do more quicker. Thank you for your prayers Reply

anonymous January 2, 2018
in response to stella :

Stella, Thank you and G-d bless you for asking G-d to bless me. And you gave me a gigantic laugh because what you said by “mistake” is often the truth. Unfortunately, some people I care for do find me annoying. Will you please pray that G-d makes me less annoying? That would be a blessing not only for me, but for those I enjoy interacting with. Thank you. Reply

Andrea San antonio January 3, 2018
in response to stella :

Thank you for your prayers. I will be going home tomorrow period with a little bit of pain but I'm able to do what I need to do as far as walking, getting dressed, and using the restroom and being able to make something to eat. Fortunately, I have some great friends that will be helping me too. Thank you for your prayers Reply

Andrea San antonio January 3, 2018
in response to stella :

Thank you for your prayers. I am going home where I can recover. I'm able to do the necessities with help from some friends. Thank you for your prayers Reply

stella Canada January 3, 2018
in response to anonymous:

To anonymus at Jan 2,2018..
Oh dearie me....

You have less problems than i have... with me... everyone finds me annoying.. tolerate me for a while, and then avoid me ..I need prayers for stop 'annoying 'people and to not step in where i am not wanted or needed.
I will keep you prayers. My prayers are like i say psalms, they are such a blessing, and then i talk directly to Hashem, even as noahide... then i ask for all here, and i do not have to say names, because Hashem knows each and all here, and all i have to say is: "Please Hashem, all those needing your help on that wonderful Chabad site, where prayers are asked for... etc;;;"
To tell you the truth... i wonder if Hashem too sometimes gets fed up with my talk.. talk.. talk.
Now i hope i am not annoying the administrator of this really wonderful site..
I will end by pleading with Hashem to Hold each close to H-m and please please may Hashem heal and help all those here asking and needing Hashem's help. Amen.
Ein Od Milvado.
stell Reply

Vivienne K December 31, 2017

Prayer for me and my family for strength during this burdensome time. Reply

Anonymous January 3, 2018
in response to Vivienne K:

G-d knows what burden(s) you carry. If there is breath in me on Shabbos you and your family will have my prayers at the time the candles are kindled (including one candle which covers those who write to this thread for prayer).In the meantime, before Shabbos, I will start talking with G-d about your burdens and the strength you and your family need.

Please, G-d start breaking up the big burden(s) Vivienne and family currently shoulder into tiny manageable packets they can carry without becoming weary. Thank You, L-rd, in advance, for beginning to fix this problem for Vivienne who believes in You and comes seeking Your Answers and Solutions.for her family which she knows will be Perfect, Complete, Balanced, Beautiful and Healthy so that Your work in her family's life will encourage others to also turn to You and not elsewhere for answers. (Amen) Reply

Michele December 31, 2017

May all on this board be touched by the healing hand of Hashem.
He is the light and love that IIves with all of us every day. Never cease in praying which is your friendship with Him.He loves for us to communicate so we don't forget that He is always there to guide and help us. His answers will reveal themselves at unexpected times.
Bless you all. Reply

Anonymous Ny December 31, 2017

Pray for my daughter Chaya bat rivkah to overcome her neurological disease .amen Reply

Michele New York December 31, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

May Hashem send a healing light through Chaya's body. Picture his light all around and within her sending beautiful healing energy . Thank Him for his love mercy and compassion and to give you the ability and strength to cope. Hashem loves all and is always listening Reply

Bruce Westchester January 1, 2018
in response to Anonymous:

For in his hands are the souls of all the living.May he send a full measure of loving kindness and total healing to Chaya
Amen Reply

Blanche Uk December 30, 2017

May God I am One who heals you, send His holy angels to sustain and comfort all who are in need of healing. Amen and Amen. Reply

anonymous December 31, 2017
in response to Blanche:

Amen Reply

Shlomo India December 28, 2017

Hi Everyone, plis pray for my sister Nengneikim bat Sarah. She's been sick seriously and we need your help to pray for her health.
Thank You Reply

anonymous December 31, 2017
in response to Shlomo:

Thank you for giving us a chance to pray for your sister. aYou are a wonderful brother to seek prayer for your sister. Reply

Stacey Gruen Philadelphia December 27, 2017

Rejuvenate Adam’s faith and love for G-d I am asking for the community to pray for Adam Cohen my boyfriend. He has lost faith in G-d and I can no longer reach him in his sorrow. Please pray that Hashem will lift him up out of misery, rejuvenate our relationship with love, compassion, and appreciation. May G-d fulfill his wish to become a New Jersey State Trooper. Reply

anonymous December 31, 2017
in response to Stacey Gruen :

To be a Trooper, he should have G-d’s strength and strong Torah to share with the peopke with problems he would interact with each day at work. Can you get him to meet with a Chabad Rabbi? Sometimes men need men to instruct them. Find closest Chabad center. There is a search mechanism on this site by zipcode. If you call and tell them what the problem is, I am sure they can help. New calendar year can be fresh start. G-d bless you for reaching out for help for him. Make that Chabad connection for him and then step back a little and pray while Chabad works with your friend. Reply

Anonymous Boro Park December 27, 2017

Pray for my mother raya Takhalova got hit by a car a lot of broken bones surgery brain damage Reply

Bruce Westchester January 1, 2018
in response to Anonymous:

Dear Lord, Please send a perfect healing from above to Raya and to all the children of Is real.
Amen Reply

stella canada December 23, 2017

Shalom to All,

I want to thank Chabad for this site where we can post requests for prayers.

I want to thank all those who prayed for Lyndon ,
to inform that he passed away, 23rd,Dec, in the early hours.
On behalf of his mother, she extends her thanks to each of you, and i too.
Gd bless all of you.

I continue to pray for all those on this list and may each of you have only good news.. Amen.

stella c. Reply

anonymous December 31, 2017
in response to stella:

May Lyndon rest in peace and may all his friends and family agree with what G-d has done. Reply

Anonymous December 20, 2017

I would like us all to pray for my brother in law...he got mugged two days ago and both his wrists are broken.. he is having surgery tonight... May God grant Kevin immediate recovery. And thank u father for sparing his life. Reply

Anonymous MI USA December 20, 2017

Please friends pray for my Grandson Anthony Ben Lana,for healing.May Hashem hear our prayers,and answer us,G-d please.
May all of you have you're prayers answered and be blessed in mind,body and spirit. Reply

Carol Chicago December 18, 2017

Brachot for Tziril bat Ester my mother suffering from many ailments including cancer. Thank you. Chayadina bat Tziril Reply

stella December 6, 2017

I am asking for prayers for Lyndon ben Wanda.

He is still in hospital and is having oxygen, but i just got a message from his mother who is distressed, as the dr's are asking her permission to put him to sleep..
He is not in a coma... and he has heard the dr... tho his eyes were closed.. When the dr. left, he looked to his mother and was sad.. his mom reassured him she will stay close to him and not let anyone do anything.

sorry for this.. but please whoever can, plead with Hashem...
thank you.
sc Reply

Shoshana Goldenberg Chomedey laval December 3, 2017

Please pray for my son Adam ben shoshana suffering from bad infection please pray that G d heals him and his mind body and soul as he is going through a very difficult year Reply

Sherry Gerszberg NJ December 3, 2017

Please Dear G-d hear our prayers, see our tears & answer all on this list! And send Moshiach for all life on earth bringing health and peace forever ... Amen V’ Amen!!!

Please Dear G-d send me my miracle for health and save my life please! Please do not forsake me!!! I’m suffering for 31 years non stop burning on fire and now paralysis in my entire mouth throat neck and shoulders and need your help Dear G-d! Please save me!! Reply

st December 6, 2017
in response to Sherry Gerszberg :

You are still in my prayers.. and i am sure all and many here are keeping you in their prayers.

May God answer you and all favourably.. AMen v'Amen.

sc Reply

stella Winnipeg - Canada November 30, 2017

Shalom to this wonderful Chabad site, that lets all put up petitions and appeals for prayers for all those sick. Hashem bless you all. Amen.
Now i again post an urgent prayer for a mother of still young children who has been battling cancer for the last 51/2 years..

She is appealing for prayers.. Her name:

Ahava Emunah bat Chava Ehta.

Hashem bless you all.. and may all our combined prayers reach to Shamayin, and answered favorably. Amen.

I have one more request for my sister, who suffered a stroke and is losing her will to live. Please i ask pray for my sister too..
Her name:
Sybil Nathaniel.

I do not know if non Jews put mothers name.. i have been told no... so her fathers name : Albert
Mothers name: Jasmine.

thank you all from my heart.

Shabbat Shalom to one and all.

stella croning Reply

Anonymous December 3, 2017
in response to stella:

Dear G-d. You are the One with All the Power to give and take life and to heal. If a doctor soothes or eliminates a painful condition it is only because You have ordered or permitted that result. So where else can we turn? You see all of us here begging for the things only You can give. We know You have your reasons for burdening us with our various trials. We do not question that. But can you please review these two cases and see whether You can relieve the mother of children her battle with cancer? By curing the cancer? Not by taking the mother with you because no doubt the children need her? And also, perhaps if You can allow even a small improvement in the sister of this poster so that she feels there is something to look forward to in this world still so she might not completely lose her will to live? I am thanking You in advance for fixing these two cases. Also, I am thanking You in advance again for healing the hands by Your special remedy,,,(You know) Amen. Reply

Adrienne Hyser Nokomis December 10, 2017
in response to Anonymous :

That was a great prayer. I like the way you go easy about your request, and it reads like it pertains to every one some how. Sometimes the simple things you say are the most important. Maybe you can keep me in your prayers as well. Peace and happiness to you always, Reply

Anonymous December 10, 2017
in response to Adrienne Hyser:

Hi Adrienne,

But, of course it will be an honor and my pleasure to pray for you. How kind of you to allow me to do this mitzvah of praying for you. G-d bless you for that.

You did not mention anything in particular you or someone you know needs or wants. G-d already knows what each of us needs as well as the deepest desires and most secret longings of our hearts. But, if you want to specify anything, it would help me.

I will add a Shabbat candle for all who have come and will come to this Chabad thread seeking prayer. I will remember you and pray for you at that time each Friday from now on, G-d willing.

And thank you very much for your blessings of peace and happiness always. That is big fat juicy delicious blessing which I appreciate receiving. G-d bless us all and let us not forget to bless G-d, too!

Amen. Reply

adrienne January 3, 2018
in response to Anonymous:

Add a seems that there is so much to pray for these days. For myself, I have been struggling to find a job, and make enough to make ends meet. I live with my dad, and am 37, and this is a strain on both of us. Also, I have never been married, had children, or siblings. I am feeling so lonesome and long to meet a good strong man of the faith for a lifetime. thank you so much for all your prayers. I don't have a computer, so sometimes it takes a while to get to this beautiful sight. Reply

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