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The King Alone

The King Alone


A parable of the Baal Shem Tov, of a king who on a day of joy proclaimed that anyone who would ask anything of him would be granted his request.

Some requested power and honor, others wealth and riches. To each the king gave according to his request.

Until there was one wise person who stated that his desire was nothing more than to speak with the king personally three times a day.

The king was very pleased with this request, seeing that this person cherished the king’s conversation more than wealth and honor. Therefore he granted this request, permitting this wise person entry to the palace to speak with the king, and instructed that the treasures be opened to him so that he might partake also of wealth and honor.

And so, David sang in his psalms, “A prayer of a pauper . . . when he will pour out his conversation before G‑d.” The conversation itself, that is his request.

What is the wisdom of this pauper?

It is that others chose greatness for themselves, while the pauper chose to stand as a nothingness before the greatness of the king.

By doing so, he chose the King Himself, along with all the King’s greatness.

Keter Shem Tov 97; Maamar Bayom Ashtei Asar; Shavuot 5724:1.

By Tzvi Freeman
From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. Subscribe and get your dose daily. Or order Rabbi Freeman’s book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.
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Anonymous January 18, 2015

I would choose a very small chair beside Him. Reply

zak San Diego January 18, 2015

what comes of nothing but purpose given One is brought into the world with nothing, but that of spirit. For what is value, other than knowing His purpose. Reply

zak San Diego October 14, 2014

Come together and be as one Is not a pauper one, who has nothing of the world other than their body? But does not the pauper have everything in heaven with their spirit. For both are required to be a servant of His purpose, for all existence to glory in the victory of unity. Therefore one needs nothing to exist eternality, other being like the One who created you. Reply

Brad Watson, Miami Miami, FL USA September 7, 2012

Conversations with G-D A beautiful story. It's a variation of King Solomon asking G-D for wisdom.

There' s an intriguing scenario when one 'converses with G-D: "Is that really you G-D?" Moses had communication with YHWH when the rest of the Israelites did not. If the Hebrews wanted to communicate with G-D, they had to 'go through Moses'.

So here we are today, we can go straight to G-D, but are we really conversing with Him? Who decides if the information we receive is correct? Can it be scientifically verified? Reply

Anonymous Lincoln, CA. Placer September 5, 2012

conversing with King the wisdom here sounds a bit like Dale Carnegie and how to win friends and influence people. Give the other guy reason to believe His experience is most valued. Hear from him. Reply

Brenda Toronto, Canada September 5, 2012

The King's Treasure We spend a lifetime greedily chasing after futile pleasures - the thrill evapourates each time and we run after another ..... often at the expense of others.

The more you value the King, the more you are influenced by His Light - the Energy that reforms you to be able to annul yourself and your beastly desires, and live as one collective body sustained by His Love within a higher level of existence. Reply

devorah Atlanta, GA September 5, 2012

mussar I love this story! Not only is it profound, it radiates fear and love of G-d. Reply

Edwina Palos Verdes, Calif. u.S.A. December 1, 2010

OUR TIME TOGETHER As I read this, it created within me the same awe that I feel, when time is offered each day to communicate with G-d. The nearness of HIM permeates the room and I am lifted to another realm far beyond this one that we live in. We become ONE and there is nothing else. Why do we hurry so?



Neil Greenberg Melrose Park, PA May 17, 2010

The King Alone This reminds me of another story, also from Talmud I believe, which reflects the mores of a different time. It's about a son who returns home after studying abroad to discover that his father has passed away. The father designated in his will that his servant could have all the possessions in the home except one that the son could choose. The son, very shocked, consults a rabbi. The rabbi tells him that his father was very clever. "If he let the servant choose only one thing, he may have stolen much else while you were away. But if all of it belongs to him, he would preserve it." "Well, then what do I get to choose?" asked the son. "Choose the servant." Reply

Syed Shahid Ali Karachi, Pakistan May 16, 2010

Beautiful! This story really has beautifully depicted our relationship with G-d. Contacting G-d is absolutely what is required. All else becomes secondary. Thanks for sharing!

Regards. Reply

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