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Sefer Mishpatim

Sefer Mishpatim


"I will thankfully acknowledge You with an upright heart, as I study Your righteous judgments" (Psalms 119:7).

The Thirteenth Book


The Book of Judgments

It consists of five halachot. They are, in order:

Hilchot Sechirut - The Laws of Rentals and Employer-Employee Relations; Hilchot She'ilah UFikadon - The Laws Governing Borrowing and Governing Entrusted Objects;

Hilchot Malveh V'Loveh - The Laws Pertaining to Lenders and Borrowers; Hilchot To'en VNit'an - The Laws Governing Disputes between Plaintiffs and Defendants; and Hilchot Nachalot - The Laws Pertaining to Inheritances