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What is kosher? How to keep kosher? What does it mean? All that and more, including stories, essays, videos and classes.



Eating Jewishly


The Hebrew word kosher literally means “fit.” The laws of kosher define the foods that are fit for consumption for a Jew. This includes which animals are consumed, how food is prepared, and even how and when it is served. Continue reading about kosher.

What Is Kosher?
Whether you are a curious non-Jew, or a Jew who wishes to refresh your knowledge of this crucial part of Jewish life, this is the place for you.
Kosher Info
Looking to learn the ins and outs of kosher? We’ve got lots of info on kosher kitchens, kosher dining, kosher meat, kosher considerations . . . kosher everything.
Kosher Essays
Looking to dig deeper into the mystical underpinnings of kosher observance? This is the spot for advanced information and inspiration.
Kosher Stories
A selection of stories and personal narratives about keeping kosher, the challenges it entails and the benefits it affords.
Kosher Audio and Video
Practical tutorials on kosher observance, audio and video classes on the meaning of kosher—it’s all here.