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Like thick, golden chicken soup, this collection warms our souls with stories that inform, inspire and entertain. Each story shares a rich Torah thought that packs a wealth of meaning which, when internalized, warm both body and soul.

Chicken Soup To Warm The Neshama

Chicken Soup To Warm The Neshama

101 Short Stories, Insights & Sayings Containing Life-Long Lessons


Chicken Soup: the traditional, rich golden broth coveted by every generation. Like penicillin, it is a powerful remedy that cures all ailments. Several spoonfuls warm the body and the neshama - soul. Similarly, to warm our neshamos, we go to teachers, parents, and friends. They share a rich, golden Torah thought - sometimes wrapped in a story. A concise statement packs a wealth of meaning into a few words and can, when internalized, warm the body and soul.









Beginning Vs. Ending





Citizen Vs. Tourist


“How is it possible to learn and think about lofty concepts while we are busy from head to toe in business?” a disciple once lamented to the Rebbe in a private audience.
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Jacqueline Vizcarra Lima, Peru August 6, 2005

Something to share with my students.... It is always encouraging to find out that internet is still providing people stories to make us think about life and it's real meaning... to make us rebuilt concepts we could easily forget and to give us the opportunity of sharing these short stories of life with my high school students....

I want you to know that I really appreciate it .... Reply