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Belief & Anticipation—The Basics

Belief & Anticipation—The Basics


Any individual who does not believe in [the coming of Moshiach], or does not await his arrival, is rejecting not only the prophets, but the Torah and Moses, too—for the Torah promises us regarding his arrival (Deuteronomy 30:3-5): "G‑d, your G‑d, will bring back your exiles, and He will have mercy upon you. He will once again gather you... Even if your exiles are at the end of the heavens... G‑d, your G‑d, will bring you [to the land which your forefathers possessed]."

Maimonides Laws of Kings 11:1

We await the coming of Moshiach because we look forward to finally having peace and reaping the rewards of our millennia-long exile toil. But the Messianic Era isn't all about us and our benefit—it's primarily about a world set right, a world that will be a reflection of its Creator, a world where the rights and wrongs of the Torah are self-evident truths. Until Moshiach comes, Judaism is simply a "religion," seemingly relegated to its houses of worship, the tomes which preach its laws and ideologies, and the lives of its faithful adherents. During the Messianic Era, however, the truths of the Torah will be as self-evident as the laws of gravity and mathematics.

In a deeper sense, belief in the Redemption is belief in the supreme truth of the TorahHence, in a deeper sense, belief in the Redemption is belief in the supreme truth of the Torah. The belief that the world was created by G‑d who used the Torah as His blueprint, and that the day will come when this truth will be patently obvious.

Furthermore, as Maimonides mentions, it is not sufficient to merely believe in the coming of Moshiach, it is also of primary importance to "await his arrival." For it is clear that one who does not yearn for Moshiach's arrival is demonstrating a lack of belief too. Is it conceivable for one to believe that such a magnificent era will indeed be arriving and not eagerly await that day?

Yearning for the Redemption is of such importance that according to the Talmud (Shabbat 31a), one of the very first questions a soul is asked when facing the Heavenly Court is: "Did you yearn for the Salvation?" The Midrash (Yalkut Shimoni, Psalms 736) says that "if the Jewish people have no merit other than their yearning for Redemption—they are worthy of being redeemed for that alone!"

Heightened Anticipation

Our nation has yearned for and awaited the Redemption for nearly 2,000 years now. The anticipation, however, reached a fevered pitch in recent years, following the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory's, announcement, in the early 1990s, that the Era of Redemption is upon us, and we must only increase in acts of goodness and kindness in order to be worthy to greet our redeemer.

"The Era of Redemption is upon us"The Rebbe pointed to various global phenomena that are clear indicators that the process of redemption has indeed started, and asked that we prepare ourselves for Redemption by beginning to "live with Moshiach,"—living a life that is dominated by the values that will characterize the Messianic Era. One primary way this is accomplished is through studying about the Messianic Era. Studying about it makes it a reality in our lives, and allows us to live a life of redemption even in these last moments before we witness the complete and true redemption.

For more on this topic, see We'll Get the Credit.

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Anonymous Israel May 13, 2017

I agree that Moshiaj is coming or is already here. Each day I pray that we merit this wonderful era so that we can all sing and dance with joy because everyone will know that the Holy One of Israel is King.
I believe this with my whole being especially because more people are learning Torah and studying with eagerness and sincerity.
Are we ready?
Yes I do believe we are. Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma June 29, 2012

we have beautiful customs The custom regarding the corners of the land is considerate and humane. We have the custom of opening our doors to the stranger on Passover, and of welcoming guests to our Seder Table, Jew and Non Jew. This too, is beautiful. The ethical considerations that go into many of our practices are beautiful and do deserve thought and emulation.

I so agree with David above.

So much bloodshed regarding land and land rights. I think the "rites" of passage should include the lessons from the ethics of our Fathers. Reply

David Chester Petach Tikva, Israel June 28, 2012

Lesson from Ruth The sharing with the poor and the stranger, as in the Book of Ruth, was by allowing poor folks the free access to land. This gave them a small proportion of the opportunities that a good harvest provides, and is socially just.

The opportunity that is held back today and which causes so much poverty is due to monopoly in land values. By speculation in land values a few people are holding back opportunuities for access to land whilst at the same time driving up the cost for its access where some sites do become available. This high cost is due to the competition for available sites of value.

This applies not only on a rural setting, as in Ruth, but even more significantly in towns where the land is much more expensive anyway and the opportunities that its access provides are far more fruitfull.!

Social justice and the messiah will come when the advantage of land ownership is better shared and this can be achieved by taxing land values instead of labor, purchases and investment. Reply

Anonymous NY, NY June 28, 2012

Love and Moshiah There is no political solution to the problems of poverty. The answer lies within our heart. The commandment to love our fellow man as we love ourself is the path. That is the very hardest thing in the universe to do. Every morning I promise G-d I will do it - and every day so far I have failed - crashed and burned is more like it. I recently confessed to G-d that I don't think I can do it. I believe He wants me to keep trying anyway. Maybe He wants us all to try. If we could succeed at this, maybe the Moshiah would come. Maybe even if I could succeed at this the Moshiah would come. It is far, far, far harder to love another (including your bitter enemy) as yourself than it is to support a political or ideological "shortcut" to nowhere. The world has been trying the "shortcut" idea for millennia. Maybe it's time to try to change our hearts. Of course, that's the hardest road possible but I do believe it leads somewhere good. No Messiah is going to do the hard work for u Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma September 11, 2011

how charity is offered I agree with David that in giving charity, we need to think about how to do this. It's not about giving out money, though some circumstances do demand it, as the right thing to be doing. But in general, giving has its codicils, as truly it's about empowering another person, to use their own skills in addressing the world, personally and collectively. The best kind of giving is thoughtful and involves these considerations. There are people who help others set up little businesses with the money and so it's the efforts of those who work that bear the self satisfaction of what is being done, and it's not just a handout, which can feel actually demeaning to another.

The environment, the needs of the environment, the individual, and the collective, meaning the societal framework... all these considerations are part of the compassionate and thought ful giving of aid to another, whether it is monetary or other.

This is a vast and important topic. Reply

David Chester Petach Tikva, Israel September 11, 2011

If... there was Social Justice Charity is all very well and good but it should be a temporary step toward independence of the person who is so helped. But that is not what happens in practice. Poor people who recieve aid find themselves less in need of seeking the means for self improvement and continue to be lazy and ignorent about their potential to stand alone. If we regard charity as a continuous activity we MUST ensure that different people will benefit from it each time, and in the majority of cases this is not so. So the charity itself is not completely TRUE.

That is why in my first comment I wrote about the need for social justice preceeding charity. It is not a matter of teaching a poor man how to fish and providing hm with the necessary tools of this trade. It is a matter of providing him with a place where his fishing activity is both worthwhile and capable of earning a small surplus for use by the nation (having been collected as a tax on the opportunity that he has been granted and others denied). Reply

ruth housman marshfield hillss, ma September 9, 2011

Fate and fait as in what ia done, in French are related words. I am listening to the song by Cold Play called Fix You as I reorient having just had a massage. I play this often because the words speak to me deeply and I feel are totally relevant to this Blog and the moment.

Yes I totally believe in a Messianic time and a leader who will catapult the world into a new state of consciousness. I think truly that we will all do this together, meaning 'save the world'. This is a story about the soul's journey into a profound knowledge of G-d and I am saying, truly saying, The Keys are in the words across Babel.

As lieder is to leader, this story is about the music and a Key Signature that has Divine written all over it.

"Look at the stars and how they shine for you and all the things that you do" (Yellow by Cold Play).

One author channeling a Divine Story through us all. G-d...Who is like unto thee? Author of my dreams. This is a love story. Reply

Ariel Tehran, Iran September 9, 2011

But he will come as it is promised But it is promised in Torah .
When our people reached the sea after leaving Eygipt , non of them could even think how they can pass the sea .
He will come and all hesitation will be transformed . Our temple will be reconstructed as it was promised .
And Jerusalem will be the capital of the
world .This is not a prophecy , this is the fate written from the begining .
He will come as the beloved lord never leave his people alone . Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma September 29, 2010

Social Justice I think people should stop using the word Moshiach unless there is some kind of concensus about the name itself, and what this means. I think we have no idea really what this means, how the world would change, what would change, and how we would "know", if there is a specific individual, male, or female, unless of course God made this clear in some very unmistakeable way.

As to dialogue about social justice, of course we need it, if we define it as social and justice, and how we work towards this, seems to be a source of major contention.

I don't think we can argue that some people are hurting badly, from lack of housing, and the means to make a living, and others have more than, enough.

I think charity is a compulsion that is an inner need to help others, and this need, if it happens for us all, well, perhaps that's the "well" we're all trying to reach and derive nourishment from. It's a spiritual well. It belongs to us all. A River Runs Through Eden. Reply

Brian S Simsbury, CT September 28, 2010

Government posing as Moshiah Thanks David C.; but no thanks. Human schemes of "social justice" are at best devised by innocents, but devious wolves soon gain control. But, that is at best! And that is giving the benefit of the doubt to certain historical figures.
"Social Justice" is a lie. The attribute of Justice is a strict adherence to Law. What one has gained through labor, commerce, or any means that does not include fraud, threat, or violence is in Justice that person's property. Charity, is a virtue, and a mitzvah. But a Mitzvah, must be done voluntarily. Compelled charity is an oxymoron!
So, "Social Justice" is a lie. It is unjust to create a State and then give it power to take from some and give to others. Human nature being imperfect, the shrewd always GAME the system to get a cut of the transfer. The shrewd also may delude themselves that it is The Moshiah's Work they do. But, that requires much benefit of doubt.Surely, thepeople who would decide who gets what from whom would resemble you. Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, MA April 14, 2010

down the garden path There are assumptions people make about this era and what will happen, and who will lead that I do deeply believe are wrong, and one thing is this reference always to "HE". Remember the shekinah, that he is contained within she, and even within the Hebrew. So God is perhaps, laughing.

I do totally believe the world was created to illuminate, deeply, a journey of soul, and that the movement up ladders of awareness is just this, namely the deepest possible understanding that love is the answer and the only answer, and yes, humility is the key.

This story is not just a story that concerns the Jews, but a story that is a container for all humanity. And truths do emanate from the same well, that is a deep spirituality that informs us all, that is about Love itself. Rose of Sharon. How the desert blooms!

There will be a deep and ongoing learning curve that challenges many assumptions about the nature of reality. The deepest learning is about the fact this creation connects all, AWE LL. Reply

David Chester Petach Tikva, Israel April 12, 2010

Setting the World Right I want to set the world right and in common with many like-minded people I see the need for direct action, evn if it only makes a small change to the physical well-being on a part of the surface of this planet.

I believe that I can achieve this aim by lobbying for greater social justice and showing by analytic, mechanical and related techniques, how a change to the Mosiac Laws of Land Tenure will bring on a reduction in poverty and provide a greater number of people with the means of earning a living.

This process is not by means of charity, it is deeper than this direct approach. Today the amount of poverty is so huge that a change in distribution of money from those empathetic souls will do but little good. There are too many poor people for charity to help. What is needed is social justice in the equality of opportunity to use natural resources. This requires a change in governmental policy and law. Are Chabad minded individuals willing to make this step and bring on Moshiah? Reply

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