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Rising in the Morning

Rising in the Morning


1. One should be aware of the fact that G‑d always stands near him and observes his doings, for G‑d fills the whole earth with His glory.

2. Therefore, one should be cautious at all times to keep his behavior, affairs, and speech at their very best, since he is in the presence of the Great King, the Almighty.

3. Similarly, upon awakening, one should consider the mercy of G‑d, who graciously restores man’s invigorated soul to him each morning, so that he may worship G‑d anew.

4. To express this gratitude one should say, even before getting out of bed, the following prayer called Modeh-Ani:

מודה אני לפניך מלך חי וקים שהחזרת בי נשמתי בחמלה, רבה אמונתך

“I thank Thee, O living and eternal King, because Thou hast graciously restored my soul to me; great is Thy faithfulness.”

5. One should pause between the words רבה and בחמלה.

6. One may say this prayer although his hands are yet unwashed, since the name of G‑d is not mentioned in it.

7. Judah, the son of Tema, said: “Be strong as a leopard, light as an eagle, swift as a deer, and mighty as a lion to do the will of thy father who is in heaven.”

a) “Strong as a leopard” means that no man should be ashamed if people should mock, him for serving G‑d.

b) “Light as an eagle” refers to the vision of the eye. Be swift to shut your eyes from looking at evil things, for this may lead to sin.

c) “Swift as a deer” refers to the legs. Your feet should run swiftly to do good.

d) “Mighty as a lion” refers to the heart. A man should strengthen his heart, by conquering his evil inclinations, and engage only in the service of G‑d.

8. As soon as one awakens, he should be ready to serve his Creator, and never allow his evil inclinations to sway him from getting up promptly.

Translated by Nissan Mindel
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Mrs. Chana Benjaminson via November 24, 2013

To Anonymous The book is still in print, you can purchase it at Reply

Anonymous London November 24, 2013

Is this book still in print? Or are these extrcted from another of Mindel's work? Reply

Tuviah Eliezer NYC, USA February 3, 2012

hands folded I did not see a response to question about folded hands. I read that Chabadnicks fold their hands X...stian style when they say Modeh Ani and sit cross-legged. Is this true and, if so, why? Are they trying to become Hindu? Reply

Menachem Posner for June 29, 2008

RE: Modeh Ani - hands The concept of praying with the hands together is very old, dating back to Talmudic times, if not earlier.

We read in the Talmud (Shabbos 10a) of how the sages would clasp their hands whilst praying, in the manner of slaves before their masters. Reply

Tamar Tessler June 26, 2008

Modeh Ani - hands I have heard of various positioning of hands for saying Modeh Ani - e.g. fingertips of each hand touching, fingers clasped etc.
Are these not X-tian customs? or which came first?
Please clarify
Thank you Reply

Dovid Zaklikowski December 6, 2006

transliteration The transliteration can be found here:

The Hebrew and English are in paragraph 4. Reply

Liz st.louis, mo via November 29, 2006

prayer could you tell me the prayer before getting out of bed in hebrew? Reply

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