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Caesar’s Lesson

Caesar’s Lesson


Caesar said to Rabban Gamliel: “Your G‑d is a thief, as it is written, ‘And G‑d caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man . . . and He took one of his sides . . .’”

Said Caesar’s daughter, “Allow me to reply.” Said she to him: “Summon me a guardsman.”

“Why do you require one?” asked her father.

“Thieves came upon us in the night, took a silver flask, and left us a golden one.”

“If only they would come every night.”

“And was it not beneficial for Adam that a side was taken from him and a handmaid to serve him was given him in its place?”

“What I mean to ask,” said the king, “is: why could it not have been taken in his presence?”

Said she: “Bring me a piece of raw meat.”

It was brought to her; she charred it in the ashes of the hearth, handed it to him, and said: “Eat of this!”

Said he to her: “It is repulsive to me.”

Said she to him: “Adam, too, if the woman had been formed in his sight, she would be repulsive to him.”

(Talmud, Sanhedrin 39a)

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Steve Staten Island December 29, 2015

Aesthetics Was the dust from which Adam was made more attractive than the raw meat from which Eve was formed? Reply

Jay September 23, 2015

I am fortunate to read this story because it supports the translation that Adam had much more than a rib taken from him to form Eve. I think the translation "rib" in the early English translations was a euphuism, in light of the means of capital punishment in England in those days for heretics, especially in the days of King Henry VIII. Reply

Anonymous Arizona, USA June 8, 2015

Cessar's Lesson I wanted to say something about the story of the lady who had the dying plant by her door and someone exchanged it for a fake one: Maybe this person who exchanged the plant saw that the dying plant was not taken care of and decided that maybe he/she could do something to bring that plant back to life, and since the owner was not taking care of it, decided that a facke one would beautify the door just the same? The only difference is that a synthetic is not like a real one. We need to try to bring life to the world, but those who do not want to accept this precept will be better of with the fake world, instead of the reality of the love of G-d. This is the reality in my mind. I feel that this is a beautiful message as well... May this serve as a lesson to all of us. Thank you for posting this message in this blog, it has told me something more important than anything else. Hashem, blessed be He, is life. We are the plant that needs nurture. B"H Reply

Fro June 6, 2015

what wisdom Reply

Sarah Rivka :) Cincinnati, OH April 28, 2014

My mom had a similar story happen recently: She had a dying plant sitting outside the door of our apartment in the hallway. Someone recently took it and replaced it with a fake plant. We couldn't figure that one out. Reply

Anonymous Arizona, USA March 14, 2013

Caesar's Lesson I love this story! Caesar's daughter was definitely a very wise girl. She understood Hashem, blessed be He, teachings very well. Was she one of the children of Abraham? Or in another word, Jewish? Reply

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