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lol waat miami October 2, 2017

lol she talks too fast and she is SO ANNOYINNGGGGG Reply

Anonymous mexio September 29, 2017

;-; thanks uhh I had to do this in assigenment so thanks =) Reply

cherry new york January 30, 2017

? how does she know so many facts!? Reply

zahava stein October 16, 2016

adorable. but soooooosqueaky!! Reply

Anonymous NJ March 6, 2016

cool i love this it is so cool Reply

harry potter homedale September 27, 2015

good but fast I like it. but she talks too fast. I cant understand her! Reply

Anonymous Miami, FL October 11, 2014

Loved it but... I love how it was right to the point. Perfect for kids of younger age. But Dinah's voice was a bit to squeaky and preppy, and didn't make me concentrate much on the details but on her voice. Reply

Chaya'le Plotkin Montreal,canada July 27, 2014

Thanks so much for making what if.
It's so cute butway toooooooooooooo squeky Reply

Adi Bortman Thornhill May 9, 2014

i LOVE IT Reply

sukkoh blah October 17, 2013

nice very nice but tooooooo squiky and fast Reply

cindy graham los angeles, cz via chabadla.org September 17, 2013

UNDERSTANDING she made it where you really understand it, and she was straight to the point of sukkah. so cute....blessing to everyone. Reply

gb UK August 26, 2013

Too fast! Great idea - and I'd love to show this to the little kids I teach but the voiceover is so fast and high pitched that I don't think they'll pick anything up. Shame, as the content is good. Reply

Anonymous Tornotn January 24, 2013

Squeaky or not, I found this video quite valuable. Thanks for making. Reply

Anonymous October 2, 2012

hmm....squeaky? i found the voice a little too squeaky and unappealing... Reply

Daisey Fish Houston, TX USA October 13, 2011

four kinds Sukkot-------- This was truly adorable. I teach and find that simple drawings are some of the best teachers. Reply

love it Five Towns, N.Y January 26, 2011

I loved it. It was so good. Thanx for makin what if. Reply

s. block san antonio, texas October 6, 2009

Her Voice That was wonderful, but try not to make her voice so squeaky and preppy.
Thank you,
and Chag Sameach! Reply

R B Brooklyn, NY September 28, 2009

uhhhh There's no such thing as the end - there are probably hundreds of laws! But very nice, otherwise. Reply