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1. Which Sukkah in the video was your favorite? Why?

2. What do you think is the most special or interesting quality of a Sukkah?

3. If you moved into a Sukkah for a whole week, what things would you take with you? What things would you leave in your regular house?

4. A Sukkah is a Mitzvah you can actually get inside of. What are some ways you could always be "inside" a mitzvah?

5. If you were part of a sukkah building team, what would you want your job to be? Designing the sukkah? Drawing up the plans? Measuring and preparing the materials? Building? Why?

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Hadasah Red Bluff September 12, 2016

the video is cute! me and my sisters love all the videos of: what if! Reply

Bailie Goldstein Monsey, NY February 28, 2016

Nice video this video is my one of my best. Reply

dovid July 13, 2012

games put more mizvot Reply

Shua Slavin sc., America October 11, 2010

old what if...... make new ones, I'm bored of old ones!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous NY, NY via kids.tzivoshashem.org February 2, 2010

?????????????????? whats so good about it ?????????? Reply

Anonymous NY, NY via kids.tzivoshashem.org February 2, 2010

what if ... I liked all of them ! Reply

Anonymous Vic November 14, 2009


mushka montreal, canada via kids.tzivoshashem.org November 3, 2009

I love playing and waching thies people, can you make alot at a time can you please. Reply

Anonymous brighton, ma via theneha.org October 7, 2009

what if i love watching this show and i learn so much from it. thanks for making it Reply

Ami Adler - 3 yrs old Baltimore, MD October 7, 2009

What if . . . If I were on the Sukkah committee I would want to draw what it should look like.

I like "What if . . " Reply

Anonymous melbrone, victora via kids.tzivoshashem.org October 7, 2009

thanking chabad youth it is a good thing that u have what if because people could watch & learn from it! Reply

Olivia (age 7) blissfield, MI October 3, 2009

Sukkah team I would want my job to be the decorating! Reply

Benjamin & Talyah Vela 4 Citrus Springs, Fl September 25, 2009

other son likes The sukkah that the giraffe eats, and he hopes with his brother to build a sukkah with his building blocks sometime this week. Reply

Benjamin & Yohanan Vela Citrus Springs, Fl. September 24, 2009

My son like The sukkah on the giraffe, and that he hopes many can come into our sukkah, he wants to bring fruits, nuts, peanut butter especially. Reply

Mendy Halberstam chgo, il September 22, 2009

my thinking My favorite sukkah was at the Empire State Building because it looked very tall and cool. The most special thing about a sukkah is that a cloud protected us when we left Egypt. I bring into the sukkah a lulav and esrog and chairs.Even though I can't actuallu get inside other mitzvos, I can feel like I'm inside my learning which is a mitzvah. I can feel inside my learning when I point to the words and really read them myself. I am part of my family's sukkah team this year and I will help with putting up the schach on the top. Reply