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1. If you were a treasure hunter, what Jewish treasure would you hunt for?

2. What types of places would you like to explore to search for treasure?

3. Do you have any Jewish treasures of your own? Any object that reminds you of something special about Judaism or being Jewish?

4. If you could leave a note for the person who finds your Jewish treasure a hundred years from now, what would it say? What would you tell him/her about your treasure? How would you describe its importance to you?

5. Which job description do you think best fits you: teacher, doctor, writer or philosopher? Why?

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Dovid Lew rancho marage CA clearwater way key largo December 12, 2013

I WOULD SEARCH FOR... The luchos Reply

Anonymous Asheville, NC December 3, 2013

treasure hunting If I were a treasure hunter I would search for family. With family you can laugh and sing and dance and experience something unique every time. The torah has stories but aren't they all about families and choices and consequences. Reply

Anonymous chicago, IL June 6, 2011

Jewish treasure I would like to find the lukos and that would also include finding the aaron to prove that not only do stories prove tthe giving of the Torah but I would like to prove it myself because i would feel convinced and amazed. Reply

Harmony Auckland, NZ August 21, 2009

searching I would search for the ark of th covenant .

=) Reply

Basya Brookline, MA August 3, 2009

Questions 1. If we were Jewish treasure hunters, we'd hunt for Rambam's stethoscope too. Also, we'd hunt for crowns like King David's. We'd hunt for Queen Esther's crown, dresses, and necklaces. 2. We'd have to go to Iran or Iraq to find Queen Esther's things. 3.Yes, our family has a special menorah that we've had for years. We also have a very old special piece of Shabbos tablecloth that my great great grandmother made. Me and my cousin both received one of these treasures because we are named for her. Reply

Zalmy Engel Adelaide, South Australia via kids.tzivoshashem.org August 1, 2009

Me as a miner If I were a Jewish miner, I would search for a Torah. Reply