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Discussion (15)
July 11, 2012
the best part is that first she's screaming and then she's much quieter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Solon, Ohio
May 24, 2012
didin't the jewish people die b/c they couldn't handle when Hashem spoke to them and then Hashem revived them and moshe repeated the ten commandments?
May 21, 2012
so creative!
i'm gonna use it for my class in israel!
yifat david
petach tikva, israel
May 27, 2011
so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats sucha cute video!keep it up!:)
shaina andrusier
albany, america
July 29, 2009
luv it
sooooooooooo cute i luvd it GO U!!!!!!!
July 3, 2009
I like it
I like your ideas very much
Yidisal Ginsberg
brooklyn, NY
June 30, 2009
that video was the cutest video i ever saw!!
June 2, 2009
i love it!!!!!!!!!!!
so cute keep it up!
June 2, 2009
liking the vidio
I like all your episodes that you guys create I hope that you create more.
chicogo, USA
May 31, 2009
how did the jews get the tora
that was quiet funny because when it was the end dina said well it'skind of the bigining
Mushky korf
m.b, fl

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