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Anonymous Solon, Ohio July 11, 2012

the best part is that first she's screaming and then she's much quieter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

anonymous May 24, 2012

video didin't the jewish people die b/c they couldn't handle when Hashem spoke to them and then Hashem revived them and moshe repeated the ten commandments? Reply

yifat david petach tikva, israel May 21, 2012

so creative! i'm gonna use it for my class in israel! Reply

shaina andrusier albany, america May 27, 2011

so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats sucha cute video!keep it up!:) Reply

anonymous July 29, 2009

luv it sooooooooooo cute i luvd it GO U!!!!!!! Reply

Yidisal Ginsberg brooklyn, NY July 3, 2009

I like it I like your ideas very much Reply

Anonymous June 30, 2009

cute that video was the cutest video i ever saw!!
KEEP IT UP!!!!! Reply

anonymous June 2, 2009

i love it!!!!!!!!!!! so cute keep it up! Reply

hadassah chicogo, USA June 2, 2009

liking the vidio I like all your episodes that you guys create I hope that you create more. Reply

Mushky korf m.b, fl via kids.tzivoshashem.org May 31, 2009

how did the jews get the tora that was quiet funny because when it was the end dina said well it'skind of the bigining Reply

Anonymous May 28, 2009

wonderful! but wait a minute... Does Dina say that we got the Torah 2 1/2 months after yetzias mitzrayim? Make that 7 weeks (or 1 1/2 months), and then the whole cartoon will be perfect! Reply

Mendy Halberstam chgo, il May 26, 2009

Ten Commandments You made Dina do a good job telling about Moses going up and down the mountain. You made her draw beautiful fancy pictures. The lightening and thunder was to know that it all came from G-d. G-d tested the Jewish people to do all 613 mitzvos. Some of The 10 commandments are: There's only One G-d in the world. Don't kill. Don't be jealous. Don't get married if you're already married to a husband. Respect parents. Keep Shabbos. Reply

anonymous May 26, 2009

did dina get new colored pencils? because in what if we found moses shoes dina said her colored pencils where worn out! Reply

CR Brooklyn, NY May 24, 2009

wonderful This gave me chills-it is so beautifully done. Of course, the moon/tropics video is spectacular, too. Thank you! Reply

Doris F. Landau, Germany via chabad-baden.de May 24, 2009

History and facts by Dina It's absolutely gorgeous and I enjoy every word :-))) Reply