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Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA March 18, 2017

Why are we still talking to each other? Reply

Mussia Bukiet March 13, 2017

Yeah, so thanks but we continue speaking Reply

Miri liberow March 12, 2017

If u guys ask me my opinion then I will say:
Ani lo yodat!!!!! Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA March 11, 2017

Yeah, what I said was kinda strong. Reply

Mussia Bukiet March 5, 2017

Wow, that was very strong CA ;)
Important officials I dont think read chabad.org comments Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA March 4, 2017

Be quiet, important offcials!! Reply

Dinah Idaho March 3, 2017

because Shabbos will arrive very soon.

I want to wish everyone:
Is wishing someone "Good Shabbos" a mitzvah? And if so, if i wish 100 people Good Shabbos at once, how many mitzvahs have I done? One? 100? Reply

Mussia Bukiet March 2, 2017

I understand what youre saying and I dont know what to say.
But why does it depress you?
Why cant you just not read it?
CA, what do you say?
(important officials duh) Reply

Mussia Bukiet February 21, 2017

Basicaly the same reason as me. Are you religious? Reply

Mini and Mikii Mouse Disney World February 21, 2017

To Mussia and Miri
Would you stop having this conversation on the comments.
We are very important officials who don't know you but we were very depressed to see your comments, that were totally unrelated to the subject. Reply

Mussia Bukiet February 19, 2017

basiccaly the same reason as I have Reply

Captain America Texas, USA February 18, 2017

I am home-schooled because the schools over here teach bad things, not things about G-d. There are no schools here that I would go to. Btw,I have never been to England. Reply

menny Brooklyn February 17, 2017

i did over 1000 mitzvos and over 1 hour Reply

bob ny February 14, 2017

i got 600 Reply

MIRI LIBEROW manchester, ngland February 13, 2017

have u been to England? Reply

Mussia Bukiet Salvador, Brazil February 13, 2017

Why are you home-schooled Bella?
By the way I am home-schooled also. The reason is... I know you would ask, because there are no jewish schools in Salvador.
So why are YOU? Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA February 12, 2017

Miri, I am home-schooled. You can say I'm in 5th grade. (I still love this game!) Reply

MIRI LIBEROW manchester, ngland February 12, 2017

Bella what school do u go to???? and Bella where about is Texas??what place is it near to??? Bella have u been to England before? Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA February 11, 2017

I am Bella. I live in Texas. I am still getting a high score on this game, by the way. Reply

MIRI LIBEROW manchester,england February 6, 2017

captain America where about in America do u live?? Reply