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1. What do you think it felt like when the Jews received the Torah?

2. Why do you think G‑d gave us the Torah?

3. Why do you think the Jewish people accepted the Torah?

4. What are some strange and distant places you would like to visit? What Mitzvot would you do there?

5. Do you know Jewish people whose families come from different parts of the world? Where?

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(gematria) 40,70,50,4,30, london January 27, 2014

dear wondering originally the USA planted their flag on the moon first but, actually now days the moon is being claimed and sold to and from different country's but I don't think any country actually lives on "THEIR" part of the moon Reply

Anonymous January 27, 2014

booring!!!!! your games are boring, but the videos are good Reply

Chloe January 3, 2014

Torah organized the Light We are snowed it at aunt Bea's. And Chabad sent us and email of fun stuff to do while we wait for the weather to get good. We learned today in Torah study that the Light came first and then all the stuff was made to exist but all the people that were existing needed to use the Light G-d made in an organized way so the Torah tells us how to be organized and how to love G-d and each other. Love without rules makes kids spoiled but love with rules makes us good children and G-d's children.
B"H Reply

Anonymous champaign, illlinois via jewishuiuc.org May 12, 2010

second question very good question. it's because that if they didin't get the torah what will happen? they will not know the laws that they are supposed to do. Reply

chaya mushkah greenberg shanghai, china March 25, 2010

last question very good Q! in fact, i know TONS of people that live in different parts of the world, even tons of shluchos (emissaries)! (by the way, i am a shluchah [emissary] myself!). Reply

Anonymous March 13, 2010

Well, it wasn't given on the moon because it was given on Mt. Sinai which is in the desert. Reply

zalman champaign, illinois via jewishuiuc.org January 1, 2010

torah if the torah will be on the moon i will go in a space ship Reply

Anonymous champaign, illinois via jewishuiuc.org January 1, 2010

torah the torah was given in the desert Reply

Anonymous new york, new york via campganisraelsouthampton.com July 27, 2009

torah well it sounds as though that the torah belongs to everybody but it does not but if it was given on the moon then no one would of seen it because back then they could not get to the moon. Reply

wondering co May 28, 2009

torah wow! if hashem wanted to show that the torah does not belong to anyone in particular. than it really WOULD of been a good idea to give it on the moon. because the dessert can be owned by someone? Reply

c.k manchester, England May 28, 2009

why do you make videos Reply

Anonymous stamford, ct May 24, 2009

i love your video`s Reply