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Here are some questions to think about or discuss after watching the video. These questions are yours to explore as you wish and have no predetermined answers. If you feel like sharing some of your thoughts or reactions, go ahead and post them in the comments.

  • If you were digging for Jewish artifacts, what would be the most interesting thing for you to find? Why?
  • What kind of things do you think you could learn from someone's shoes?
  • If you could meet Moses what one question would you ask him?
  • What would your ultimate Mitzvah shoes look like? How would they help you do Mitzvot?

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chaya mushka susskind soth afirka October 10, 2017

jokes joke: whats on every corner whats on every wall Reply

Black Widow S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier/AVENGERS Tower September 8, 2017

I would ask Moses about the Egyptians, what they looked like compared to the Hebrews, and what Moses did before he stopped being a prince. Reply

Anonymous prt March 28, 2015

not so cool ll say wow soooooo cool and not cool Reply

Loukas. New Zealand, Auckland. May 14, 2013

Question: if you could meet Moses what one question would you ask him?

Answer: I would say "what was it like talking to g-d face to face?" Reply

Captain America Dallas, TX, USA September 8, 2017
in response to Loukas.:

I'd ask that too. Reply

sholom benchimol guatemala, ueatamlaa April 10, 2013

3rd question how did Hashem create himself Reply

Mendy Holtzberg Pacific Grove, California USA June 6, 2012

i would ask moshe for moshiach Reply

Aidan London, UK April 10, 2011

Moses If I talked to Moses when I was alive I would have said to him, how many days could it have taken to get across the Red Sea? Reply

Anonymous elizabeth, CO January 9, 2010

If I met Moshe.... I would ask him what did God's voice sound like. If it was like a roaring lion or if it was a smooth, soft, comforting voice. Reply

Zalmy Engel Adelaide, , Australia August 22, 2009

A Question 2 Moshe If I was alive when Moshe was, and I asked him a question, it would be:

How long did it take to climb (and go down) Mt Sinai? Reply

Anonymous via kids.tzivoshashem.org August 16, 2009

If I could talk 2 moshe(moses).......... if I met moshe(moses).....
I would ask him when moshiach will
come. Reply

ari brooklny, N.Y via chabadofdallas.com May 25, 2009

if i could see hashem if i could see hashem then i would ask him for my father back from shamayim Reply

Anonymous LA, CA May 15, 2009

then i would ask him if he could split the red sea so i could see what it looked like

what would happen if you threw a green rock in the red sea...
it would get wet) Reply

Zalmy Engel Adelaide Talmud Torah, South Australia May 10, 2009

Jewish Artifacts It would be very interesting if I found newspapers from long ago, that told the stories of the Jewish Yomim Tovim (festivals) - when they happened! Reply

Yisroel Chicago, IL May 7, 2009

Shoe mitzvos I can do mitzvos with my shoes. I walk to the kitchen to get my father a glass of water. I walk to shul. I bring the food my mom makes if a neighbor is sick. Also I keep appointment that my parents make for me and walk in even if I don't want to. Reply

Hebrew School in Poway, CA Poway, CA May 6, 2009

If I could ask Moses one thing Can I have your shoes? Becauase they probably look cool. We enjoyed the video... thanks. Reply

Hadassah chicogo, USA May 5, 2009

jewish artifacts If I were digging for Jewish artifacts, the most interesting thing I would find would be Moses' shoes. This would be most interesting because I could learn how old the shoes were, how big or small Moses' feet were, and I could maybe even figure out what Moses looked like. Reply

Hadassah Chicago, USA May 5, 2009

Moses I would ask Moses, "Why did the Egyptians want to rule over the Hebrew people?" Was it because the Hebrew people were different from everybody else and the Egyptians did not like that? Reply