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dina ny March 19, 2014

egypt nice Reply

Menachem Mendel Hazan Rome, Italy January 8, 2014

hi zalmy engel im on your class on Shluchim Online School! Reply

Meir Solon , Ohio July 9, 2012

2 Mushky Your sister doesn't watch these videos 24/7! she watches them 24/6! she doesn't watch these videos on Shabbos! Reply

Anonymous Salem, CT,USA via chabader.com April 3, 2012

ggggggfh autumn Reply

gabriel finchly, london April 2, 2012

pesach :) :( Reply

Zalmy Engel Adelaide, South Australia via cgi.org.au August 21, 2011

Cute! :) Reply

hannah kimani pretoria, southafrica June 6, 2011

owesome Reply

R.V. April 5, 2011

Keep It Up Excellent quick summery! Good Job! Reply

random kingston, pa March 22, 2011

random very cute Reply

sheina via chabadyouth.org August 29, 2010

the vidio is so cute Reply

Chana Mushka San Mateo, CA April 11, 2010

i agree with mushky . ITS NOT BORING AND BABIESH how ever u spell it how old are u Dina? Reply

Mushky Albany , NY April 1, 2010

I LOVED IT... MAKE MORE!!! I agree with all the comments above except the negative ones... DONT RUIN IT 4 EVERYONE ELSE!!! Reply

Mushky albany, ny April 1, 2010

Tzivos Hashem- U ROCK!!! My sister watches these videos 24/7!!! She loves them!!! Thanx a ton and keep making more!!! Reply

Miss Jubilee Haddasah Munozvilla March 29, 2010

Cute! Really cute i like the part where she said "What's whith this guy?!" and the part where she said "GET OUT OF HERE!!!"

I liked it, unlike some comments................... Reply

Anonymous March 29, 2010

that movie was weird....and boring Reply

Posted by Rose, St. Louis, MO St. Louis, MO March 27, 2010

Your Kids Program I thought this was enjoyable, interesting, and a fun way to teach the children. Please do not be swayed by negative comments. Reply

brother America, CT via kids.tzivoshashem.org March 26, 2010

boring! that was so boring! Reply

chaya March 25, 2010

amazing! love the mehod! Reply

donna Brick, NJ March 20, 2010

I am not Jewish, but I like to teach my small preschool group about Holidays from many faiths and groups. This site was extremely helpful and entertaining : ) Keep up the good work! Reply

Anonymous s.p, s.p March 17, 2010

hahahahaha this is the best!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply