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Mussia October 8, 2017

level 9 25 bonus Reply

Daisy Ridley The set of Star Wars August 23, 2017

Level 8 bonus points 12....not bad really. Reply

John Boyega The set of Star Wars August 23, 2017

Level 5 bonus points 4................ulch.................... Reply

Finn The Resistance September 2, 2017
in response to John Boyega:

Level 5 bonus points 5! Reply

Rey The Resistance September 9, 2017
in response to Finn:

Uh...Finn...hey...level 6 bonus points 15! Reply

YY Polansky Portland, OR August 20, 2017

I like your game, it's really hard and it's a really fun game! 😎 Reply

Aharon Yaakov Israeli new york May 26, 2017

it is so easy Reply

tons Brooklyn November 19, 2017
in response to Aharon Yaakov Israeli:

not that easy but fun Reply

pesach newman Los Angeles May 21, 2017

how do you win Reply

Anonymous May 14, 2017

everything that is falling is bread Reply

Anonymous April 24, 2017

how do you win Reply

Nicole April 7, 2017

It is so much fun 😜😜😎😎👌👌😁😁😉😉 Reply

Kylo Ren The First Order April 15, 2017
in response to Nicole:

How did you get all those emojis?! Reply

Rey the Resistance August 3, 2017
in response to Kylo Ren:

He's on his cell phone! Reply

jacob April 6, 2017

IT's SO HARD! Reply

mr awesome gwdgd April 5, 2017

i got to lvl 215 and it was sooooooo hard Reply

Spider-Man Dallas, Texas, USA June 15, 2017
in response to mr awesome:

LEVEL 215?! By the way, like your name. Reply

moshem April 5, 2017

i got to level 110 so easy Reply

Anonymous New Jersey April 4, 2017

Love it!!!!! Reply

simcha meltsin new york April 6, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

also I love it its fun I play its before

Shmuel Gancz March 16, 2017

Like it.its fun!!! Reply

Anonymous Monsey February 16, 2017

bad Great but hard! Reply

Mussia Bukiet Salvador February 13, 2017

Fun, but a bit annoying... I got to level 7 with 17 bonus points
!!!! Reply

Rey The Resistance January 21, 2017

Hard! But fun. I like it, even though I never get past level 6. Reply

unnamed noooooo January 11, 2017

he cant run?_? this boy can not run cmon, and the bread is so close to the mezuzah stuff when you catch it you catch the bread Reply

Mussia Bukiet January 10, 2017

Miri why do u always write ur comments everywhere.\
btw I know u Reply

Dinah Idaho January 8, 2017

I aimed to catch the bread instead! i felt like i won
because they are hard to catch
when they come down soooooo fast.
But i know i did not win. Reply