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Shmuel Gancz March 16, 2017

Like it.its fun!!! Reply

Anonymous Monsey February 16, 2017

Great but hard! Reply

Mussia Bukiet Salvador February 13, 2017

I got to level 7 with 17 bonus points
!!!! Reply

Rey The Resistance January 21, 2017

I like it, even though I never get past level 6. Reply

unnamed noooooo January 11, 2017

this boy can not run cmon, and the bread is so close to the mezuzah stuff when you catch it you catch the bread Reply

Mussia Bukiet January 10, 2017

Miri why do u always write ur comments everywhere.\
btw I know u Reply

Dinah Idaho January 8, 2017

i felt like i won
because they are hard to catch
when they come down soooooo fast.
But i know i did not win. Reply

MIRI LIBEROW manchester,england January 8, 2017


Kylo Ren The First Order January 7, 2017

Not bad. Reply

Dinah Idaho January 5, 2017

After a while those horrible chamutzy bread slices start coming down really hard and fast like bombs or something!!! Watch ouuut! Reply

Marshmellow Candyland December 27, 2016

Best game in the world Reply

Mussia Bukiet Salvador Bahia Brazil December 26, 2016


Mussia Bukiet December 22, 2016

Actually now I likeit a bit, although I only got to level 7, with 23 bonus points Reply

Mussia Bukiet December 16, 2016

Um... he goes to slowly, and the bread too quickly Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA December 10, 2016

I was okay till I got to level 6!! Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA December 3, 2016

I hate this game!!!! Reply

menashe treitel balltimore October 20, 2016

l love the game Reply

5th grader down unda October 19, 2016

Best game and hardest game at the same time Reply

Anonymous "pemboke pines April 18, 2016

this is so hard Reply

Anonymous vernon b.c canada April 2, 2016

I really like this game! I think it is a really nice game. Its really fun! Reply