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Here are some questions to think about or discuss after watching the video. These questions are yours to explore as you wish and have no predetermined answers. If you feel like sharing some of your thoughts or reactions, go ahead and post them in the comments.

  • What do you think it feels like to be a slave?
  • What do you think would have happened if G‑d had not freed the Jewish people? Would we still be slaves?
  • Why do you think G‑d freed the Jewish people from slavery?
  • Can you think of other instances of slavery throughout history and how they ended?
  • Why is Passover such an important Holiday?
  • What is your favorite part of celebrating Passover? Why?
  • Why do you think special foods are such a big part of our Holidays?

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Anonymous Parkland December 13, 2015

we love what if.were using it for our hakel program Reply

Maimonides School Third Grade, Santiago de Chile Santiago de Chile April 1, 2014

If we would not have left Mitzrayim , we would still have been slaves and would not have received the Torah.
So therefore we should keep all the Mitzvot because we are his chosen nation! Reply

shaina Thornhill, ON via camplubavitch.ca April 16, 2012

what do you think it feels like to be a slave it feels bad because you have to work Reply

Batya Melbourne, Australia April 5, 2012

Why did Hashem take us out of Mitzrayim? Cuz we're His people! Reply

elli- 8 yrs old dallas, TX July 17, 2011

egytp we cam out of egytp Reply

belll new york city , new york April 19, 2011

passover food the Jews did not have time to make bread because they where trying to leave Egypt Reply

sarala NY, NY April 17, 2011

passover food matzah reminds us that the bread did not have time to rise before we left egypt. Reply

"Sara'la" NY, NY April 17, 2011

What is your favorite part of celebrating Passover the day it ends( isru chag) it's my mommy's birthday. Reply

Dovi chicago, IL April 13, 2011

Slave Feelings Being a slave would feel unrealistic. People should be treated equally so it's just unreal to be a slave. So to really be a slave is like so depressing. It would be like there's no point to life. In order to live, I'd tell everyone that we should split up and run away in hundreds of different directions so most of us could get away. I wouldn't want to wait for a miracle even though I would want to see the miracle. Reply

Isaac Chicago, IL April 13, 2011

What if HaShem didn't free us If HaShem did not free us from Egypt, he would have freed us later. The problem is that if we were still in Egypt, we still wouldn't get to eat or sleep and maybe we would whine a lot to Pharoah and he did still not let us sleep or eat. Then we might do bad stuff and be doing sins. Then we could become bad people. We would get Torah later and we needed it right away. It's a good thing HaShem took us out of Egypt at Pesach. Reply

Sarah chicago, IL April 13, 2011

Slavery in Mitzraim If I were a slave in Mitzraim I would be annoyed because I don't like working even now. Right now I kvetch a lot and I'm free.The only chore I like and the only that I have is to clear the dishes. If I were a slave, I would have to clean all the dishes from everybody and it wouldn't even be my own family. We wouldn't have much food to eat. it would be Pharoah's dishes. If I kvetched, I 'd be lashed with a stick or whip. Then I'd be crazy hurt and scream and cry and I'd get whacked again. I would hate to be a slave in Mitzraim. Reply

Danielle new york, usa March 28, 2010

Your Questions...Or Specific Ones Your question about why G-d freed us really interested me! By the way, this site is so simple to work on, so cool! So I'm pretty sure G-d freed us because he saw in us something others refused to see. I think that that the Egyptians saw something in us that was different, and it scared them so much that they tried to rid of this new,unique thing and they just couldn't do it. Probably because He knew we were going to make a BIG mark on this world and so He freed us. He let us work for ourselves and He let us learn all on our own because He wasn't going to spoil us and let us take it easy. In a way, He taught us how to earn our keep and to appreciate what we have while it's available. I'm not religous, but I try to really learn about the holidays and follow up and I thank G-d everyday for making me a Jew. Reply

julien polster from basis school scosttdale, arizona March 28, 2010

well, i think being a slave is having a lot of boundries and having no fun. it might also represent that we are in pain and we have restrictions like being a spartin. Reply

yehoshua rochester, ny March 19, 2010

Why is pesach an important holiday? it is an important chag (holiday) for 2 reasons.
1) it is in nissan, the 1st month of the year
2) it is when hashem (god) took us (the jews) out of mizrayim (egypt).

have a good pesach (passover)!!!!!!!! Reply

William David Vinco Greendwood, USA, IN February 3, 2010

The Ten Plagues Well, you say that the fourth plague was a plague of bears, serpents, lions, wolves, tigers, leopards and alligators (wild animals). Well, in my three Bibles it says: "Next came a cloud of FLIES: fat and black FLIES that crawled into people's mouth and under their eyelids." And the last plague, the death of the firstborn. Why do you not say the gender of the children? And lice, a synonym for it is "gnats" (I use that). Reply

hadasah chicago, USA September 21, 2009

slavery Slavery does feel like you're not free to be first, to do work, to have your children thrown into the nile, to be lashed by the taskmasters whip, to be made to push heavy stones, to risk almost being killed, to be cruel to the jews, to not be able to have your own religion, now thats what I call not being free. Reply

Mendy chicago, IL April 21, 2009

Would we still be slaves? No, we wouldn't still be slaves because G-d wanted us to prepare for Matan Torah and you need to be free if you're going to do mitzvos. So G-d would have made us free sometime maybe right after Yomtov so we could be prepared for Shavuous. Reply

Mendy chicago, IL April 21, 2009

Slavery It feels like that you can't be free. That means that Pharoah didn't let the Jews go. It feels like you're staying in a big country with a lot of mountains doing very hard work. I tried to see this video in California when I went to L.A. but I couldn't find it. Now I found it and the video was funny and the game was really hard. I caught bread in the bag!! Reply

Anonymous zurich, switzerland via chabadswitzerland.com April 18, 2009

its not that hard ! u can ask on ask moses.com!!!;-) :-) Reply

chaya stepssen via chabadcenter.org April 17, 2009

its so cute this is a very cute thing with the video and the other things to do!!! i cant wait until the next one comes out!!! the questions are very wel put!!! i love it!!! Reply