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Hi again! It's me, Dina! I’ve been wondering, what makes bread so different from matzah anyways? Why is matzah flat and bread is all puffy? So I decided to do an experiment that will show us exactly what is happening when bread rises! Here’s what you’ll need:

What to do:

1. Fill the bottle up with about one inch of warm water.
Yeast is actually a bunch of living organisms, but when they’re cold and dry, they are resting.

2. Add all of the yeast packet and gently swirl the bottle a few seconds.
As the yeast dissolves, it becomes active - it comes to life!

3. Add the sugar and swirl it around some more.
Since yeast is alive, it needs food. When we add the sugar, the yeast starts eating it!

4. Blow up the balloon a few times to stretch it out then place the neck of the balloon over the neck of the bottle.

5. Let the bottle sit in a warm place for about 20 minutes
If all goes well the balloon will begin to inflate!

What’s Going on?

When the yeast eats the sugar, they release a gas called carbon dioxide as waste. As more and more gas is released, it fills the bottle, and then eventually the balloon. When you let bread rise the same thing happens, except instead of blowing up a balloon, the gas puffs up your bread. When we make matzah, we’re extra careful to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Note: Adding yeast to dough is one way to make sure a lot of gas is released into the dough so it will be very big and puffy. However, if you just mix flour and water together and leave it alone, it can still rise on it's own. It might not be much, but it's enough to make it not Kosher for Passover.

Things to think about:

On Passover we think a lot about slavery and freedom. How does flat matzah or puffy bread remind you of slavery? Freedom?

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mushka tenenbaum CA February 1, 2016

dosent seem to interesting to me Reply

Goldie January 27, 2016

I think chalah is very puffy because when the jews left egept they had to rush and make food. So they made matza, chalah somtimes when people want to eat they either want to have a big meal or small meal. So they made chalah that puffy and matza that was thin so the Egyptians can chose if they want a big meal or small meal Reply

Anonymous October 10, 2015

look at those shoes what are those Reply

chaya mushka bialo portland OR, October 9, 2015

wow i am going to try it today and big deal if its messy i will just do it out side Reply

Anonymous September 10, 2015

i am curious whats the measurements for a test tube Reply

anonymous August 14, 2015

so coooooooooooooooooooooool! Reply

eva June 17, 2015

what will happen if we do the same activity with col water? Reply

Elishuva Surprise,Arizona June 17, 2015

with yeast or not to yeast You stay the same with no changes but with yeast you are free to grow and change into bigger and do more Reply

Anonymous May 7, 2015

hello dina, that was a great experiment, i did it in the kitchen with daddy. Reply

Anonymous CHICAGO December 1, 2014

cool sounds cool cant wait to try it!!!!! Reply

Anonymous October 23, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

yea! Reply

Hinda Weinstein PA July 28, 2014

did you make up your name Reply

Anonymous April 11, 2014

whats your last name dina what Reply

am February 18, 2014

hi i really like what u did but could u answer what grade this is for plz Reply

mushka druk cancun August 16, 2013

coooool! amazing I want to try out the experiment Reply

Anonymous Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu October 7, 2012

i am curious what happens if this experiment is left undisturbed for days?
is there a creation of vaccum ?
i kept and the balloon sinks downwards.. whats the reason behind this?
kindly clarify me Reply

Riley J. Portland April 2, 2012

Amazing Thank you! We will know what to do next time we have to present a science project at school! ☺ Reply

little scientist Newton Abbot, UK January 17, 2012

BRILIANT This is a really good experiment, It helped me understand how yeast works, so that i could write an essay on it, thanks a lot! Reply

Anonymous Lebanon, PA November 30, 2011

I found my experiment i needed a science experiment and not i found it!!! Reply

yehudis syracuse, ny September 18, 2011

re:Not true wat r u talkin bout? wen jews left egypt, they didnt hav time 2 bake dough so it became matza! and they ate that in desert.
btw, gr8 experiment Reply

Anonymous newburg, u s a July 29, 2011

letter cool Reply