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  1. If you had a kosher purple pickle stand, what are some strange kosher foods you would sell?
  2. What's the craziest place in the world you would want to go to? What Jewish thing could you do there?
  3. Draw a map of your own silly town (like the one Eli and Dina imagined, but with your own new ideas). Include as many strange Jewish features and landmarks as you can think of.

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Mottel Kurinsky September 2, 2017

This is the greatest show on earth 🌏 Reply

Anonymous December 29, 2016

leah Reply


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE VIDEO I love this video it's so cute! Reply

Anonymous Edmonton Alberta, Canada February 3, 2014

cool, its such a cute entertaining video...! Reply

Gitty Woodbury February 2, 2014

purple mongoose Reply

menachem mendel goldstein des moines August 21, 2013

why would a person have a kosher purple pickle stand? Reply

eli marcus pittsburgh April 8, 2013

I'd have a blue chicken stand!! Reply

Adina Leah Edmonton Alberta, Canada April 4, 2013

Basically the same one that Hadassa chose! Reply

Anonymous Rochester January 11, 2013

I scream you scream we all scream "PURPLE PICKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Reply

gigi mtl, can via jewishcamp.ca July 31, 2012

kosher stand i would love cheesecake Reply

sheina brunoy, france June 22, 2012

to sky and angel, long beach, new york red leyyuce already exist Reply

Mendy Holtzberg Pacific Grove, California USA June 6, 2012

this is what i'll do green carrots blue tomatoes purple oranges white apples pink potatoes black bananas and brown pears, i will do it in antartica and make kosher slurpees out of snow and i will be the first shliach there Reply

joshua mubard houston , texas June 1, 2012

You're hired! Reply

tzipporah zitsmann Miami , Florida June 1, 2012

Green coconut Reply

sky and angel long beach, new york via kids.tzivoshashem.org January 8, 2012

if i had a stand purple cucumbers

purple pickle


red lettece

purple apples


red oranges

green carots

blue brussle sprouts

pink blue berries

From the works of sky and angel

( : Reply

Hadassah Hollywood, Fl January 5, 2012

Purple pickle stand The theme is purple. I would have purple cabbages, purple carrots, and purple cucmbers. The grass of the carrots would be violet and the inside of the cucumbers will be violet with purple seeds. Reply

Dina green corl springs, f,l,Usa October 25, 2011

purple pickels if there was a stand of kosher purple pickels i might see some chocklet coverd hot dogs and hamberger flavered chocklet and grape flavered folafel and last but not least banana flaverd pasta.I whould want to go 2 china .we wold hav chala flaver sushi.and anoymous who siad to trick peopel with invisibel food from f,l, in the thorah it says you should not trick ,joke or tease not even if it is funny. Reply

shneur zalman Sufrin October 1, 2011

what if there is no such thing as purple pickles. Reply

alizabeth June 3, 2011

interesting! how creative!
I would actially love to taste a purpule pickel!
I'd also like to t6aste a purpole tomato and a porpule coce,
and al kinds a red, yellow, green, blue, black, purpole, and al other sorts of stuff!
waiting to taste!
and again, this game's ausome! Reply

Anonymous fl, usa May 25, 2011

if i had my own stand in a silly town it would probably be an invisible hot dog's so i can trick people when it's nothing at all Reply