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luba annapolis July 2, 2017

did anyone win? and how does it feel like? Reply

M. Israel June 23, 2017

Is there an ending to to game?
what happens at the end? Reply

IIJI JAI May 16, 2017

its so HARD, like something else I have. ;) Reply

luba annapolis July 7, 2017
in response to IIJI:

what Reply

Anonymous london May 12, 2017

it's so hard Reply

Hindy Goldstein Monsey, New York April 28, 2017

What do you mean? Reply

Dinah Idaho February 27, 2017

i don't care if there's no prize at the end. i always find something new like last time i turned sound off and i gpt more latkes stacked up. Anyway, prize or no prize this will always be one of my favorite all time games. I still have my gameboy and it works! throw away good stuff? Not me. Reply

C. Miami Beach April 20, 2017
in response to Dinah:

yes,turning sound off helps Reply

Anonymous February 27, 2017

?? what happens at the end? Reply

Dinah Idaho February 24, 2017

almost! I was the closest i ever was to winning until i started thinking that these are the biggest thickist latkes i ever saw in my life. Must be lots of taters in there! Hope everyone will have a great Shabbos! Reply

Anonymous Asheville February 24, 2017

i got so many latkes it was over the sealing and then i got out Reply

the February 23, 2017

i like the game cuase its fun and i get a big stack of latkes Reply

Anonymous February 21, 2017

I like the game because it's challenging. Reply

Dinah Idaho February 9, 2017

too HARD! and soooo frustrating. I want to give up but all of a sudden I cant stop trying again! Then i always say I am not playing this one any more but i always come back!! It is so fun but it is so not!! hahhehehe Reply

Anonymous monsey February 9, 2017

need tips? 1:keep your pointer in the game screen
3:???????????????????????????????????? Reply

Anonymous 64u4te February 6, 2017

game so fun got aton Reply

Baila Miami Beach January 29, 2017

eh it is not bad but if you move in inch you lose the hole thing i wish it had a redo where you can go back frome you were. Reply

C. Miami Beach April 20, 2017
in response to Baila:

I agree Reply

Hindy Goldstein Monsey, New York April 28, 2017
in response to Baila:

me too! Reply

Dinah Idaho January 15, 2017

Oh my Goodness Gracious! Parents, teachers, rabbis, brothers, sisters and pet gold fish - Don't worry! For us OMG means Oh My Goooodness! Reply

chana and yaffa sax usa January 14, 2017

UGH! WHEN DOES THIS GAME END!! this game is ssooo hard when the latkes get high!!!!
OMG is it HARD!!!!! Reply

Garrett canada January 8, 2017

It is delightful game.. but i need a few pointers to get the game.
because i keep on losing:( i guess i need better eye coordination for this game, very nice game please make more of these!!! Reply

Dinah Idaho January 5, 2017

GGGGGGrrrrrrr...i almost won three times...but i did not win a gazillion tiiimes Reply

Anonymous North America January 5, 2017

WHY? Its to hard Reply