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1. If you could have a Jewish super power, what would it be?

2. What are some examples of "darkness" in the world?

3. Think of 3 things you could do that would bring "light" into the world.

4. Imagine you wrote for a newspaper. What message would you spread to help make the world better?

5. Why do you think we celebrate miracles that happened to the Jewish people?

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gavin washington May 22, 2015

so hardddddddddd This game is so hard, but I made it to 50 Reply

Anonymous March 4, 2015

i think their should be something that stops lashon hara Reply

mati mwvu December 15, 2014

loshon tov Reply

Bella New york June 14, 2013

Emet I would take out peoples mind and see the truth hidden. Reply

Hannah New Zealand May 14, 2013

if you could have a jewish super power what would it be? I would have a device to control peoples minds to make them feel like they want to be good? Reply

Anonymous March 29, 2013

purim what if we never finished the purim meal Reply

Anonymous 1234 February 13, 2013

super lego i would be able to turn into a fighter jet that never runs out of missiles or fuel an is invincible and i would be able to time travel back AND forth Reply

Anonymous Flemington December 12, 2012

Chanukah We wish everyone could just take five seconds out of each day to wish everyone else a moment of joy. We'd love to see how that turns out. Reply

Chaya Esther Calgary, AB April 2, 2012

Some Questions Most Of The Questions i Couldent Figure Out Reply

Lora Fried Philadelphia, PA December 24, 2011

Chanukah Chanukah lights up the whole world, and therefore brings peace to the Jewish people. Reply

meira December 20, 2011

i love doing mitzvote Reply

lola NYC, UNITED STATES December 20, 2011

hello my super hero would be to go to israel in less then 30 minutes and fly there !!!!! wow i really would wish that have a nice chanuka Reply

Lara Melbourne , Victoria via chabadgleneira.com December 19, 2011

My super power wish To have peace in the world and people do mizvot and and hapiness for everyone. Reply

Moussia Belinsky Baltimore, MD November 21, 2010

Chanukah if i were a Chanukah Heroin i would make sure that all of the Jews light a Chanukah Menorah and that they have a very happy Chanukah. Reply


if i were a super Mitzvah girl i would give Tzedakah every single day! Reply

chaya shmotkin February 7, 2010

answer to qustion #5: to remember them Reply

shternie fredlender thornhill, ontario canada January 7, 2010

spider girl i would be spider girl making sure everything would stay safe i would also use my web to travel from place to place keeping a good eye on everybody to keep them extra extra safe making sure amalek and our yetzer horah dont desturb us Reply

shternie thornhill, ontario January 7, 2010

jewish super hero my favorite jewish super hero is Yehuda Hamacabee! Reply

shternie thornhill, ontario January 7, 2010

jewish super hero i love heros Reply

Anonymous chicago, IL January 5, 2010

Three things I could do to bring light into the world are one thing I did already when I lit my menorah. I can also light up my house with cooperation, and light up my class by being nice to my friends. Reply