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Anonymous Arizona December 19, 2017

Mom!! Reply

Bella MoreheadMiddleSchool December 14, 2017

I’m learning Reply

Dayrl Hern Columbus November 11, 2017

Great instruction for the children and me. Reply

Anonymous January 1, 2017

1 over 2000 years ago, Jerusalem was under Greek rule.
the greek force the jews to do greeks thihg.
2 The jews foght the dig scary greek army and they wan.
3 the jews went to the holy temple and the oil for the manora was defiled.
4 the jews found bowl with pure oil that supposed to last for 1 day.
5 the oil lasted for 8 days. Reply

Anonymous sydney australia December 27, 2016

nice Reply

Daniela Cruz Florida December 19, 2016

i love it Great animation and its perfect to learn for us Reply

Jacqueline Solomon AIRMONT December 4, 2016

chanukah video Really cute, thank you Reply

YEHUDA January 24, 2016

these facts r so cute! מתוק!! Reply

Chabad.org Staff via chabadone.org December 7, 2015

To Gregory The Menorah that was in the Holy Temple had seven branches because that is how G-d said it should be built, "And you shall make its lamps seven, and he shall kindle its lamps [so that they] shed light toward its face".
The Menorah we use nowadays has 8 branches (and a ninth which is used to light the other candles) as it commemorates the miracle of Chanukah which lasted 8 days. Reply

TCTV australia December 13, 2017
in response to Chabad.org Staff:

Chanukah sameach Happy Chanukah Reply

Gregory Tamworth, N.S.W. Australia. December 6, 2015

Reb, can you tell me the difference between the 7 and the 9 candle holders? Ta Gregory. Reply

Denise Crestview December 10, 2014

Perfect for the students that I'm talking to in my school....kindergarten-2nd grade. Reply

Anonymous December 8, 2014

wow learned so much about hannukah thanks man Reply

Anonymous Anaheim, CA,m November 26, 2013

Chanukah As you know, Chanukah can be spelled many different ways. Have ever really thought what the Menorah really means? Why is there a certain number of candles, yet one is bigger them all? If we were to really look outside the 3rd dimension, we could see what it all means....each number means something, what do you think each candle of the menorah represent and what do they mean to you? Shalom Alechem! Reply

Third Grade Teacher Yokosuka Japan December 19, 2012

Nicely Done I found this video to be the prefect introduction to the Chanukah Unit for our entire third grade's traditions and customs around the world. So glad I found it. Reply

Anonymous Solon, Ohio July 11, 2012

IS "depurifide" a word?!?!?! Reply

chava nyc, ny April 1, 2012

nice!! Reply

Pessy Shemtov Brooklyn, NY USA December 22, 2010

Adorable Dina is very cute and she has nice drawings and she sounds very cute. Reply

jewman613 aventura November 29, 2010

Amazing thank you Thank you neshama Reply

sarah china November 7, 2010

that was so boring Reply

Sheila Bergenoff brooklyn, ny March 23, 2010

Adorable its so nice that chabad.org does such nice things for kids, too. it is very educational, and fun, too. Keep up the good work! i agree with the others, though. where'd Dina go? Reply