Parshat Devarim

The Itche Kadoozy Show Moses For President The Parshah Report


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Dhaniel Florida January 1, 2017

1920 Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA December 11, 2016

Only 1240!!!!!!! Reply

silly Mos October 20, 2016

you spelled that wrong chaya simon Reply

chaya simon September 28, 2016

got 2410
and by the way its not compation Reply

anonymous July 22, 2016

I got 2140

even if I don't get some good scores, I really those these games and videos that you put out!!!!! Reply

Mussia Bukiet Salvador July 10, 2016

I got 2190 Reply

wegfo world March 1, 2016

2340 Reply

meir taos February 29, 2016

yay i got 280! Reply

Rivkah Cotlar CARY NC December 13, 2015

that's it Rabbi and Jono have to come to my house and do a parsha challenge in front of are whole chabad house Reply

moshe rabeinu in my grave/isreal October 25, 2015

i love this game! Reply

keira nj October 5, 2015

i got 1660 and please get mre parasha chalenge (ohsem tovim bevakasha ohsem meid tov) Reply

keira NJ September 29, 2015

i got 3453 WOW I LOVE IT Reply

winner September 2, 2015

2240 Reply

Dovid Barinboim Córdoba, Argentina July 20, 2015

I just got 2410 for final score!!! Reply

basie london Ontario July 5, 2015

we got 2,010 Reply

Mushky Goldstein Auckland, New Zealand May 13, 2015

i really like the itche kadoozy videos and the parsha chalange is the best!! it's so much fun the have Jono sort of "talking" to you P.S my final score was 2340!!

my whole family loves the shows! Reply

Anonymous canada May 5, 2015

oh yheh anonymous i got 2580 Reply

Anonymous May 2, 2015

got 2210 !! more challenges please!!! Reply

Mushky Goldstein Auckland, New Zealand April 7, 2015

i got 2320!!!!!!!!! Reply

Levi Kurinsky melbern,astralia August 9, 2014

i love it Reply