Live coverage of the breaking news story of Chanukah as it unfolds minute by minute.

Rebellion in the Holy Land!

Rebellion in the Holy Land!

Breaking News Report


Rebellion in the Holy Land!: Breaking News Report

Live coverage of the breaking news story of Chanukah as it unfolds minute by minute.
Miracle of Chanukah, Chanukah
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Bill Hicks Cullman December 8, 2012

Israel I love Israel. As a Noahide Chassid I support Israel 100%. We want Moshiach NOW! Reply

DEBORAH C. PORTER December 27, 2011

Chanuka News Video Brilliant! Reply

victoria tucuman, argentina December 25, 2011

Rebellion in the Holy Land! the Hanukkah story is so good
Januka sameaj Reply

Chana Aliza B. loves to be on, GMAIL!! December 21, 2011

I have no words to say... only one... AMAZING!!
:) Reply

hanoun hazor, Israel December 21, 2011

Incredible! An amazing job that makes the Hanuka story so vivid and relevant to pupils nowadays. "Tevorchou" Be Blessed! Reply

Carmen December 19, 2011

I am trying to find the words to express the greatness of this work.

Kol Hakavod! Reply

Adam P.L. James Pascagoula, MS December 4, 2011

Chanuka This is brilliant! I love it! It taught this adult much about the background of Chanuka. B'H. Shalom. Reply

Anonymous Purley, UK September 20, 2011

Chanukah This is an excellent summary of the story of Chanukah - I shall be recommending it to others. Reply

Anonymous Baltimore, MD via November 30, 2010

These kids are absolutely fantastic! Nice job. Very professional. Reply

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