5. The Promise

5. The Promise


5. The Promise


Close your eyes
And visualize
What will be when Moshiach will come
The sun will shine
All the time
That will be when Moshiach will come
The whole world will live in perfect harmony
Together as one big happy family

Guns and swords they won’t be found
They’ll be used to plow the ground
Army planes and army tanks you see
They’ll be part of history
No more will there be any war
No more will there be any war

And I promise you Moshiach will come
And when he does he will take everyone
Just open your eyes what a big surprise
We’re in Jerusalem

Walking down the street
Diamonds at your feet
See the lions living with the sheep
The world is filled with integrity
What a time and place for one to be
All the sick are healed
Once Hashem’s revealed
And in a flash of an eye
All this will be real

And he promised us…

Chaim Fogelman's name has become synonymous with meaningful Jewish music. Since making his first recording at the age of 9, Chaim has entertained crowds around the world. He has made concert appearances across the United States, as well as in England, Uruguay, Hong Kong, Argentina, and Russia.
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Anonymous December 25, 2017

beautiful. Reply

B.G Sydney Australia December 25, 2017

like it but....... who's he?
the Rebbe?
if its Hashem then the H should of been capital Reply

carole castle West Virginia, USA October 17, 2016

just so beautiful, and very touching to my heart! Reply

Anonymous March 26, 2016

Love it, inspiring, great. Reply

maytal crown hights February 15, 2014

music i love your songs Reply

c.m. September 25, 2013

Love it I loved it . I listened to it so many times. Reply

Jennifer Alexander Cincinnati May 18, 2017
in response to c.m.:

me to Reply

Anonymous bristol, wi. May 7, 2010

lovely Reply

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