The Cat that Waited on a King

The Cat that Waited on a King

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Rey The Resistance June 20, 2017

I know nothing about the Rambam. Could someone in the comments explain? Reply

Finn the Resistance August 11, 2017
in response to Rey:

Yeah. Agreed. HELP. Reply

some ten year old. Maryland November 6, 2017
in response to Finn:

well guys, you can watch more about the Rambam at this cute little Chabad video, Who was Maimonides?
it includes who he was, what his name stands for, and more!! you can prob find it somewhere at the What If? section, and Dina is talking. also, you can find that video and another video Visiting the Rambam In Tiberias. I would give you links, but it doesn't allow. Hope you enjoy those videos! Reply

Anonymous January 13, 2015

It's a great story Reply


I love stories about the RAMBAM Reply

Amy and Dereck Kissimmee, Florida December 20, 2011

exellent story i love this story i hope there will be more, Ramabam is amazing. Reply

samuel r. florida, usa November 10, 2011

nice Very interesting. I never knew this story before good thing we dont have anti semitism like that anymore!
ps how did they train the cat like that, anyway? Reply

malka miriam vann montreal, canada November 9, 2011

the rambam is truly amazing. please make many more stories Reply

Anonymous long island, n.y October 10, 2011

mice and cats ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww mice Reply

chayale crown heights September 2, 2011

great illustrations Reply

Anonymous October 31, 2010

its a cool story....... Reply

Anonymous Great Neck, N.Y. via September 12, 2010

excellant I love stories about the RAMBAM Reply

tinkerbell pune, Maharastra/india April 10, 2010

gives us....... yep a good story n a good moral 4 our lives!!!!! Reply

Devorah Smith pickerington March 26, 2010

I loved this! Ramabam is amazing Reply

dovi October 2, 2009

reading I m a slow reader so tell me when u make it into a movie Reply

Anonymous Whyalla, Australia via August 14, 2009

Teaches us This story learns us not to fall astray but to keep on following G-d. Reply

anonymous laguna beach, usa via July 9, 2009

good enough.... story was good enough for me to kkep on reading .... usually... when a story is pretty boring..... I literly throw the book in the trash. Reply

Danielle highland park, IL via July 5, 2009

Okay... a bit of a wierd story... you people must have a BIT too much time on your hands...
but the moral was okay Reply