Joey: Scientriffic Seder

Joey: Scientriffic Seder

A Passover Adventure

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Art by Paul Mary Fricke.
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Daliah & Yehuda San Francisco via April 10, 2017

Great way to explain he 15 steps for the Seder shel Pessah! Our kids and us enjoyed it greatly and have had fun reading the Scientrific terrific Seder Presentation which deserves an "A plus" Thank you to the Author as well as the Editors and everyone else that made this possible Reply

Liad j December 18, 2016

Comic thanks guys cool I love it happy chanukah and pessach even if its. Not pessach. Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA July 28, 2016

AWESOME I love it! But they need to have Yaweh mentioned in these comics more. Reply

Yehuda San Francisco via April 10, 2017
in response to Captain America:

As in the Book of Esther? One needs to understand "not to mention the name in vain" It is a great rule that reminds us to be truthful when we talk. It is a common practice for those who are careless with the truth to use HaShem's name quoting whatever they want disregarding due respect for the King of the Universe. Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA May 11, 2017
in response to Yehuda:

I'm not saying it in vain! I'm saying G-d maybe wants us to SAY his name. Reply

Yehuda & Daliah San Francisco via August 2, 2017
in response to Captain America:

That in itself is in vain as if it is written in Aseret HaDibrot we may not mention it, to assume what HaShem may want is also out of question and arrogant on our side to do so. Just think about if you assumed what the King wanted instead of complying with his orders. Such action would be considered offensive. Anyway his name also can't be subjected to assumptions additions or subtractions or as other people choose to pronounce arbitrarily, So if one chooses to follow the words as written in the good books it is proper not to mention his name and even more not to quote verbally and far from the source. Reply

Captain America Dallas, TX, USA August 4, 2017
in response to Yehuda & Daliah:

Where in the Bible does is say not to say His name? Where in the Torah does it say not to say His name? Give me verses, not sayings from the Talmud. Reply

Anonymous January 20, 2013

i saw it after passover too bad :( Reply

Anonymous New York November 5, 2012

Love it I Love it Reply

Anonymous Akron, OH September 16, 2012

Cool I want to see this comic in animations! That would be coooooool!!! Reply

Anonymous July 28, 2012

more!! make more!! Reply

sholom March 21, 2012

I'd like to buy it, if it's on sale. OK joey. Reply

ita wolff Finland, Helsinki February 26, 2012

funny i love it Reply

Anonymous Beverly Hills , California December 4, 2011

Funny and crazy!!! Reply

chayale new jersey, usa September 2, 2011

more i want mooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrre!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it gets boring to read the same thing over and over Reply

Michaelah thornhill, ontario June 21, 2011

comic It's so cool that you make lots of jewish comics. Just by inventing some comics then even non-Jews can get interested in Judaism! Reply

chana posner davie, florida via April 27, 2011

comic & especially the sederation i loved the comic .i read lots of comments but this one is on the list of my favorites. it was so good. the sederation was so unique . its such a smart and cool idea.its such a good use too. i wish it was real.i wouldnt have to do anything it would be right at my seat, helpful!. i soooooooooo dont agree with the rabbi a haggadah isnt half as helpful as a sederation. overall i absoulutely loved it!
sorry its so long Reply

Gilad and Ezra Melbourne April 7, 2011

Joey I love the sedertron! It's totally the coolest in the world. I really love it. It's the best.

I dont like the sedertron.

Just joking, it's the coolest. Reply

Ezra Melbourne April 7, 2011

I wanna have the sedertron! It's the best because it's so cool. He talks so funny. I liked Hallel and Nirtza! Reply

Anonymous springfield , massachusetts November 25, 2010

:( this sight is totally horrible !
i cant do anything its so boring.
scroll down

just kidding i like this site its enjoyable and exiting it has education and meaning

chumi sahler
ps its my nick name Reply

Anonymous Great Neck, N.Y. via September 12, 2010

tzivos hashem can you raffie a seder-tron for pesach Reply

Jubilee Haddasah Munozvilla August 19, 2010

funny! i want a sederton! is he on sale Joey? Reply

Anonymous crown higts, nowyork via July 28, 2010

joey;scietrifficseder-comics-jewishkids i love the comics Reply

chaya ny, ny via May 18, 2010

adooooooooorable who won Reply